Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October Bellabox: Celebration!

This month's Bellabox came earlier than expected! Normally boxes are shipped on the 15th of each month, I think, however I received my tracking notification on the 10th! Pretty good I must say. The theme for October is Celebration, to celebrate Bellabox's 2nd birthday / anniversary, and they teamed up with TheyAllHateUs duos to help create the box. I was very excited to receive this as I would expect to receive some awesome goodies to help them celebrate. Unlike previous months, my Bellabox did not arrive in a box for the first time although the items would have fit perfectly inside.

There was one item (L'oreal Shine Caresse) I was really hoping to receive this month, which I did not unsurprisingly... Regardless, here are the products I received for October!

Nivea Visage: Light Moisturising Day Cream SPF15
7ml sample - 50ml RRP $12.99
I have accumulated so many moisturisers from beauty boxes therefore I don't need another one. Plus this could be easily purchased at Priceline. 

La Roche-Posay: UVIDEA XL Melt-in BB Cream 
3ml sample - 30ml RRP $28.95
Can't wait to try this bb cream from La Roche-Posay! I believe this is new in the Australian market so yay :) As Summer is approaching very soon, this might be an ideal bb cream as it is SPF 50 PA+++. Oh and it has also been tested on Asian sensitive skin therefore suitable for me! Double yay :D

Sinful Colors: Nail Enamel - 313 Pink Forever
Full size - RRP $4.95
I'm not particularly a pink lover but this is a gorgeous shade of pink with some purple undertones. I still haven't tried the other polish I received in my previous Bellabox so I don't know what the quality is like.

Beyonce: Heat EDT
2ml sample - 100ml RRP $39
If I didn't read what it was, I would have thought this was a lolly. I've always been curious how this fragrance smelt like and now I know, and also quite like. Please don't ask me what it smells like since I am terrible at describing scents...

Lonvitalite: 24K Gold Yulan Oil Face Mask
One mask - Box of 5 RRP $29
This mask contains pure whitening essence milk with ultrafine micro gold foils. It aims to promote micro circulation renewal and skin regeneration, in addition to moisturising and evening skin tone. I am very interested in trying this but I hope my face doesn't end up all glitter and sparkly...

Alfaparf: Semi Di Lino Diamond Shampoo & Diamond Mask
50ml samples - 250ml RRP $25 (Shampoo); 200ml RRP $29 (Mask)
I don't have normal hair... my hair is the complete opposite of normal: oily yet dry, colour treated, brittle and damaged. I'm also sick of receiving shampoo / conditioner samples in beauty boxes though I am glad this time they are not sachets. After reading other people's comments on the Bellabox Facebook page, it seems that several people did not receive the right type of product according to their beauty profile. Same situation goes for me.

Nuxe: Creme Prodigieuse - Nuit & Enrichie
2ml samples - 50ml RRP $49.95 & 40g RRP $44.95
These two sachet samples were bonus items, one is a morning moisturiser and the other is night. I don't think another moisturiser sample is necessary... Maybe an item more related to the theme would have been more appropriate as a bonus item.

To be honest, I felt there was a lack of connection to the theme this month and the products were a little underwhelming. There was no wow factor as a celebratory box and personally preferred last month's box more. There was only one full sized product and the rest were mini samples aside from the shampoo and hair mask.

EDIT: I just calculated the value of this box and it came to $31.29.... ummm, say what?! Some of these samples you could easily obtain for free. Not worth it.

What did you receive in your Bellabox this month? What are your thoughts?

Hope you ladies are having a wonderful week so far! ^__^


  1. MyBeautyJunction16 October 2013 at 03:22

    Hahaha I thought that was a sweet as well till I read your description! I'm bad at describing scents as well; the most I can manage is "floral". But yeah, Nivea doesn't belong in a beauty box.

  2. It looks like an ok box, definitely not a "wow" box... and I'm so sick of seeing Lonvitalite masks in beauty boxes!

  3. The La Roche Possay BB cream sample looks interesting. But I kind of agree with Abigail below, there hasn't been much of a 'wow' product in a while in my opinion.


  4. What a disappointing box, I haven't received mine yet. Seems to be there is one good box per month and then left over boxes. Definitely nothing WOW this month.

    Jac x0x

  5. I just had a look around at other boxes and i'm pretty disappointed with the efforts put into this box as well :/ where is your loccitane hand cream or lip gloss?!


  6. I wouldve thought that the perfume was a lolly too! How deceiving...
    I agree with the lack of connection with the theme of this box, the products that you received can easily be purchased when sales are on- given if you really wanted it...

  7. I agree with you.. This box is quite disappointing because you can easily get these items.

  8. My box was different, I did get the Loreal Shine Caresse. I found the Beyonce perfume really strong and almost old-fashioned when I first put it on, but then it settled into something I quite like. Perfumes are always tough to describe and I think most that do just list what it says on the boxes.. I've never smelt 'vanilla undertones' or 'wisps of jasmine' lol

  9. I would've liked to receive the Shine Caresse as well. And I didn't know La Roche-Posay had BB Creams :O Let us know how you go with those!
    x Court

  10. LOL same here, most of the time I describe scents as "floral" and if it's not then I don't describe it hahahahah

  11. My thoughts exactly, but I haven't received Lonvitalite masks for a while now so I don't mind

  12. I much preferred your box over mine :( The LRP bb cream seemed interesting but honestly it's a really tiny sample. Maybe if it was a bigger sample it would've been better.

  13. Indeed it does! I think it's because people also had a high expectation considering it was a celebratory box

  14. I know right? Some boxes look great but this was just "meh"...

  15. I knowww!!! There will always be that one 'wow' box and the rest are meh. I don't mind not receiving the loccitane hand cream since I don't use them but the lip gloss :( And some people receive two nail polishes zzz

  16. I agree, most of them can easily be purchased from Priceline -__- As for the lack of connection, bellabox replied to me on Facebook saying the celebration was about collaborating with Theyallhateus :S

  17. Exactly. And they aren't from brands that people would consider outstanding?

  18. Lucky you! I actually quite like the smell of Heat but not something I would purchase. Hahaha reading descriptions are always funny. I don't even know what jasmine smells like o__o

  19. The LRP bb creams are relatively new to the market! but will definitely let you guys know how I go :) Most likely in an empties post since I don't review samples


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