Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gmarket Haul: more Korean goodies!

This haul post has been way overdue and I know a number of you are very interested in what I purchased! For those who don't know, Gmarket is the Korean version of Ebay. They offer various types of products, such as clothing, shoes, beauty and stationary, at reasonable prices. I find that the only downside to them is they only offer express shipping via EMS, where shipping cost is calculated by weight hence can be somewhat costly. Also usually when you place your order, the weight is overestimated and additional costs are refunded back to your Gmarket account - not whichever payment method you chose. To make the most out of your Gmarket purchase, I recommend ordering with friends or either make a large order.

My order mainly consisted of beauty products from Etude House, Innisfree, Peri Pera, Mizon, a pair of shorts and pants, and a pair of wedges! I made two orders at separate times however I was able to combine shipping despite delaying my order being shipped by two or three days. In total my order weighed about 5.57kg and cost around $225 plus $52 shipping (oops...).

Date of first order placed: 25 / 08 / 13
Date of second order placed: 28 / 08 / 13
Order despatched: 31 / 08 / 13
Order arrived: 03 / 08 / 13

I didn't order that much. It's just half empty boxes!
To start off, I will share what I purchased from Etude House!

Ice Cream Nails - OR202 Sweet and Sour Peach RRP ₩2,000 ₩1,000
Bling in the Sea Sparkling Nails - BBL601 Tear of Mermaid RRP ₩2,500 ₩1,250
Dear my Part Nails - Prom Queen RRP ₩3,000 ₩1,500
Precious Mineral Any Cushion + Refill RRP ₩28,000 ₩25,000 
Rosy Tint Lips - 08 After Blossom RRP ₩8,500
Rosy Tint Lips - 07 Tea Rose RRP ₩8,500
Rose Flowering Nails - #2 Velvet Rose RRP ₩6,000

Ice Shot Cool Band Freeze Foam RRP ₩11,000 ₩7,700
Drawing Show Creamy Pencil Color Pop RRP ₩22,000 ₩10,450

Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker RRP ₩8,500 ₩5,950
Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil - PP501 Dust Purple RRP ₩6,000

And, from Etude Homme (not pictured):
3-in-1 Multi Fluid Toner RRP ₩13,000 ₩6,500
Moistful Multi-water Cream RRP ₩15,000 ₩7,500

Etude House was having an up to 50% off sale on their products and I simply couldn't resist placing an order. I initially wanted way more items but I felt a bit crazy considering I spent so much during that period already. Since Etude House offers samples with purchases in-store I was hoping to receive some samples with my order but I received zilch, which made me a teeny bit sad.

Moving on... I also made a small purchase from Innisfree as I've never used any of their products before and also heard about their new lip products release. If there are any Innisfree products you'd love to recommend, please share with me in the comments below!

Green Tea Mineral Mist + Olive Real Moisture Hand Cream RRP ₩17,000 ₩14,540
Glossy Lip Lacquer - #5 Deep Plum Burgandy RRP ₩8,000
Color Glow Lipstick - #3 Autumn Rose RRP ₩12,000
1 + 1 Jeju Sudachi Soothing Mask RRP ₩10,000

I was happy that I received some freebies (not pictured) with my Innisfree purchase :D I wanted to buy more from their new lip product range however they are a bit pricy and nothing was on sale.

Next up, from Mizon I purchased their highly raved about snail products!

All In One Snail Repair Cream RRP ₩38,000 ₩18,050
1 + 1 + 1 Snail Recovery Gel Cream RRP ₩19,800 ₩9,900

No samples from Mizon but I am really happy at the price I got them for. 

The last brand I purchased from in my beauty haul is Peri Pera. I have never tried any of their products but I've read about some of their products and really like the cute packaging!

Miss Peri Kit RRP ₩20,000 ₩8,900

Before I finish this post, the wedges I purchased were originally ₩16,900 however I used a discount and bought them for 9,900! They are super comfortable, good quality and look so cute for summer. I've been lusting over heels lately however, because of my height, I don't want to tower over people :(

Photo from Gmarket
Sorry for the super length post but I really wanted to share with you what I purchased from Gmarket but never had the time to. Starting this week I'll be back at uni again but the majority of my assessments are finished, except for exams, so I think I'll be able to post more regularly. I have yet to find time to visit your blogs and I haven't forgotten about any of you so please don't hate me!

Have you purchased from Gmarket before or used any of these products?

If you have any questions about buying from Gmarket, I will try my best to answer them.
Anyways, have a beautiful week everyone! :)


  1. Whoa Louise, I really like this haul! o.o <3 Haha, it's so expensive though - I usually avoid Gmarket because of the shipping fees. When they put the overestimated amount money back into your Gmarket account, mehh. I don't really like the idea (isn't it like forcing you to buy more later?).
    As for the actual items - dang, Etude House's sale! You got a great deal on the Color pop eyeliner set haha (some stores sell it for $30USD. o.o), and I love Innisfree stuff! I actually really wanted to try that Sudachi mask, hope it works out well for you!

  2. wow that's a lot! i have same opinion with June, i avoid purchasing from Gmarket, because of the shipping fee, i don't like using EMS >.<
    Though it's pretty sad because they always have sale, just like sale from the offiicial store..


  3. So many cute cosmetics! Up to 50% off the Etude stuff is fantastic too - I'm definitely curious about the lip tints and the cushion bb thingy ^_^
    Those wedges are really adorable - and they do look comfy too (super important). I'm yet to buy off Gmarket, but I'm soo tempted!

  4. MyBeautyJunction9 October 2013 at 00:56

    I've heard the Innisfree primer is the best - holds on to foundation forever and keeps oil and caking at bay. Purely read online, though!
    My Beauty Junction

  5. What an awesome haul! Gmarket is my weakness and I've been trying to stay away cos I've been spending wayyy too much on it. Reading this doesn't help at all, especially when there are so many things in your haul that I want now. Haha!

  6. Wow what an incredible and huge haul, I think never in my life have I made ​​a big haul, will read your next great reviews.


  7. i want wait for your reviews on the lip products and etude house nail polish :D

  8. Seriously jealous of your haul! Those wedges look great and look forward to reading your reviews :) I was thinking of purchasing one of mMizon's eye creams but then I was a little skeptical to as what the "status" of the brand is- it seemed like a brand that popped out of nowhere (like Peripera haha)
    I have heard a few great things about Innisfree's clay masks- but never tried them

  9. Oh the shipping costs to Australia...Dx I really like Innisfree products, if you're keen the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is a favourite of mine. Let me know how you go with that green tea mist, mine leaves a weird residue on my face. I wonder if I got a bad batch.
    - Mary

  10. woah! when i first heard of gmarket many many years ago it was still all in korean and i had to get my friend to translate it for me which proved to be such a hassle i just completely forgot about it. even so. holy $52 shipping! i wonder if shipping to canada would be any better. so jealous all the same. sometimes real ebay is good for korean cosmetics but rarely do they carry everything


  11. would love to know your thought on the etude house cushion :)

  12. I know what you mean, I tend to avoid Gmarket because of shipping but I think the discounted products made up for my purchase. I was contemplating on whether to order from a different website but they don't have all the items I wanted and I think I would have to pay more than what I would've on Gmarket. If you split the shipping for each item it would be quite reasonable.

    Oh and I LOVEEE their creamy eyeliners! I think that's why I really wanted to purchase something. I've always wanted to try Innisfree but I have no idea what to buy

  13. I normally avoid purchasing beauty products from Gmarket but I think the sale & the number of items I purchased makes up for shipping. There's aren't any official stores of the brands I like in my country so I have to order everything online :(

  14. I tried the cushion foundation but I bought it in a shade too light!!! T___________T I'm so devo... I really like the finish it gives. Gmarket is a time killer, there's always so many products that catch my attention.

  15. Oh I never knew, I thought it was Banila Co. but I know Innisfree has really nice lippies

  16. Hahaha I feel your pain. Gmarket has everything that cannot be purchased in Aus. I hope this didn't push you further into making a purchase :P

  17. Hehehe... I think I'm a bit crazy when it comes to online shopping.

  18. Hopefully I can review them soon!

  19. I only know Mizon due to their highly raved about snail cream. Other than that, I know nothing hahaha. Before reading other people's hauls, I've never heard of Peripera and I always wondered why I've never heard of that brand before.

    I was actually planning to purchase the clay mask but then decided not to because my order was going a bit crazy.

  20. Thanks for the recommendation! I was a bit unsure whether to purchase that one or not but I will be sure to next time :) Hmmmm... I haven't really tried the green tea mist properly yet but I will let you know!

  21. I had the same problem many years ago!! Hahaha, I was so lost but now they have a better english version so it's easier to navigate etc. I think shipping to Canada will be more expensive or around the same. I rarely purchase Korean cosmetics on ebay and opt for korean-based websites instead.

  22. The Miss Peri Kit is great to sample their lip tints and eyeliners! I can never finish a full-sized product so miniature sizes are the best.

  23. I but mine in the wrong shade (doh!) but I really love the finish it gives. You literally use the sponge and tap the product all over your face. Coverage is excellent and no extra effort required to blend the product. I can't really comment on how well it performs though since I haven't worn it properly.

  24. So many fun, colourful goodies! What a great haul! I spot an Etude ice cream polish :)

  25. Oh my god, so many goodies!! I've never purchased from gmarket before, but i'm keen to try some stuff from etude!


  26. awesome haul :) i was eyeing that peripera starter kit. can't wait to see a review on it!

  27. Great haul! I love the Any cushion and the rosy tints! *_* Cute shoes too! I haven't purchased anything from Gmarket, I have added item to my cart before, but the shipping fee is quite high so I backed out. lol
    What do you think about the price on Gmarket compared to other online shops? :)

  28. The ice cream nail polish is always the cutest :P

  29. You don't necessarily have to purchase from Gmarket if you want to try Etude House since shipping is quite $$. There are plenty of alternatives out there but I really wanted to take advantage of the sale they were having

  30. Hi Tiffany, you're back!!! Haven't seen you blogging for so long. Hope you've been good :)

    Hopefully I'll be able to get around to using the kit first! I'm always buying things and never end up using them.

  31. Omgsh I love the any cushion as well but unfortunately I bought mine in a shade too light T________T
    I find the retail prices of items on Gmarket to be generally lower, and sometimes they offer discounts or have sales which other online shops don't. However shipping can be hefty therefore if you do plan on purchasing from Gmarket, I highly recommend either placing a large order to even out the cost or to purchase with others. Even though other online shops offer "free shipping", I find the prices are higher to make up for shipping costs.

  32. Wow nice haul, you must be so happy ^^



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