Sunday, 27 October 2013

Recreate Yourself:*

Recreate Yourself is an Australian based online beauty & haircare store offering products from a wide range of brands - Clarins, Benefit, Redken, and GHD just to name a few. It is always nice to discover Australian retailers because I hate waiting two weeks for deliveries. I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to try out their service as I was actually contemplating whether to spend or not! So here's a little bite more about the company :)

RY is based in Queensland and they actually have a salon in Burleigh Heads, if anyone is interested. They offer free shipping on all purchases over $99 (or flat rate of $6.95 for orders below $99) as well as two free samples with every order. RY does offer international shipping as well as in-store pickup if you're from Queensland. If you are unhappy with your purchase you have the option to return your product within 120 days :)

If you ever find a product at a cheaper price on a competitor's website they will price match it (see Terms and Conditions). There is also a Loyalty Program where for every $1 you spend you will receive 2 points and 200 points can be redeemed for $1. Essentially for every $100 you spend you can redeem $1 later, which isn't all that rewarding in my opinion.

So what about my order?

Friday, 25 October 2013

My first Wantable Makeup Box: October!

I have been bitten by the Wantable bug and joined the bandwagon. For those who haven't heard of Wantable before, they offer personalised beauty and fashion boxes for $36 per month or a one time box for $40 plus shipping where you will receive 4-5 full sized products! By completing a survey, you will be able to choose which products you want and don't want to receive which ensures you will hopefully love every product you receive. You also have the option to skip a box for a particular month if you don't want to receive a box.

As the company is based in America, shipping to Australia costs an extra $9. Unfortunately they currently only ship to the US, Canada and Australia. There are currently three boxes available to choose from: makeup box, accessories box, and intimates box.

Despite it being a bit more pricey, I honestly think you will receive your money's worth. I am so excited to share with everyone what I received because I haven't been this satisfied with a box in ages. Shipping does take a while but it is worth it in the end!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

October Lust Have It - Spring Race Carnival Edition

The arrival of the October LHI Women's box took me by surprise since my annual subscription ended already and I haven't resubscribed either! After emailing their customer service, apparently my last box was supposed to be the September box. However I did not receive that box last month so maybe this was to make up for it??? I'm not too sure and neither is LHI :/

This month LHI has changed the design of their boxes to match the design on their website. It's pretty much the same size except a tiny bit taller and still features the magnetic closure. Since I wasn't expecting this box, I honestly had no idea what was inside which made it a bit more exciting.

To start off I received information cards from Princess Skincare and Smitten Cosmetics, as well as vouchers from Le Tan, Naked Wines Australia, and The Iconic. Don't think I would take advantage of any of those aside from maybe The Iconic.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Suvana Organic - Paw Paw & Honey Balm*

Today I wanted to share with you a recent product I have been using, courtesy of Lucy from Plunketts. I am sure many of you are familiar with the Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment but how familiar are you with pawpaw ointments from other brands? I'm not and I know some of these ointments contain petroleum jelly which may or may not be a deal breaker.

Petroleum jelly can be found in many cosmetics since it is used to 'seal in' moisture in products and your skin but it doesn't actually have any healing properties. Because of this property, bacteria from wounds or cuts could also be sealed in if you use products such as pawpaw ointment containing petroleum jelly. I'm not an expert so I won't elaborate any further but do note that petroleum jelly is a residue of crude oil which is not a renewable resource nor environmentally friendly.

So what makes Suvana Organic's Paw Paw & Honey Balm more special?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

October Wish List

Hey ladies, sorry for being all deep and emotional in my previous post but it was something I wanted to get off my chest for so long. Reading your comments definitely made me feel so much better and I am so grateful for your support. I just wanted to say thank you for reading and for hearing me out. The topic isn't something I like to bring up or confide to my family or friends about; I'm the type of person who doesn't like to show my weakest points or let others see me cry. But enough of this emotional talk, lets get movingggg! ... but yeah, THANK YOU for being there for me! I love you :) <3

So moving on... I feel like I haven't posted a wish list in forever, probably since July. Since I came back from overseas there hasn't been much I've been interested in and if I was I would have purchased it already. As I am trying to save money for Melbourne and I just spent $240 for a music festival (Stereosonic) I am going on a spending ban until December! However here are some items I have been lusting for a while and recently!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gone but never forgotten

One year ago on this day I was anticipating for my flight to China the next morning hoping to see you for one last time. It had been two or three months since I last saw you and I did not know that would have been my last. You left Australia hoping to receive better treatment and it was also your last wish of being able to visit your home country before your passing.

Everyone in the family had the opportunity to visit you, to be with you, to see you for one last time while you were in China except me. I was a day too late. Less than a day - one sleep and a nine hour plane ride too late. It saddens me the most that I was the only one in the family who didn't have that chance to see you. I don't think anyone would be able to understand. Strangely enough the night before I had a dream that I was at the hospital with you. Was I having some kind of revelation or was that my opportunity since I couldn't be there physically?

My biggest regret would be growing distant from you as I grew older and wanted my independence. I remember as a child you would walk me to and from school, make me honey lemon tea, and accompany me to my favourite shops even if it meant you waiting for a long time. You would even give me money so I could buy magazines to read even though you didn't have much. Growing up, never have I ever seen you lose your temper once; I don't know how that is even possible.

It's still incomprehensible how one year has gone by so quickly. I only hope not to repeat the same mistake in the future and wish to cherish every moment because I won't know what will be the last. I am just glad you are no longer suffering or in pain.

RIP Grandpa

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October Bellabox: Celebration!

This month's Bellabox came earlier than expected! Normally boxes are shipped on the 15th of each month, I think, however I received my tracking notification on the 10th! Pretty good I must say. The theme for October is Celebration, to celebrate Bellabox's 2nd birthday / anniversary, and they teamed up with TheyAllHateUs duos to help create the box. I was very excited to receive this as I would expect to receive some awesome goodies to help them celebrate. Unlike previous months, my Bellabox did not arrive in a box for the first time although the items would have fit perfectly inside.

There was one item (L'oreal Shine Caresse) I was really hoping to receive this month, which I did not unsurprisingly... Regardless, here are the products I received for October!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Nail polish swatches: Etude House & Duri

It's been so long since I last posted anything nails related therefore today's post is nails related! Today I have for you swatches of the Etude House nail polishes I purchased from Gmarket and the two Duri polishes I received in my September Lust Have It.

Also, I apologise in advance if the photos are of poor quality. I was testing out the camera of my new phone and I was sort of a bit lazy to grab my dslr. For reference, I have applied two coats of each polish.

  • The first two shades are from Etude House's Rose Flowering Nails in #2 Velvet Rose. Both shades have a nice matte finish, dry relatively quickly and are already opaque after just one coat although I've applied two coats for this. The first shade is actually a deep burgundy red while the second shade is a dusty pink barely noticeable shimmer. In the nail pack, you also receive lace nail stickers however I find them annoying when applied as they fray easily and feel gross.
  • The next two features Etude House's Bling in the Sea Sparkling Nails in BBL601 Tear of Mermaid, by itself and over a black base. This is a beautiful glitter flakie which I find works best over a black base. Even though the finish looks a bit ugly in my photo, add a top coat and they could really look like a mermaid's tears - whatever that is! Under different lighting the flakie will look like a different colour. As I find with some of Etude House's clear base glitter polishes, the formula is a bit 'gloopy' but still very easy to work with.

    Below is a photo of how Tear of Mermaid appears on a different coloured base.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gmarket Haul: more Korean goodies!

This haul post has been way overdue and I know a number of you are very interested in what I purchased! For those who don't know, Gmarket is the Korean version of Ebay. They offer various types of products, such as clothing, shoes, beauty and stationary, at reasonable prices. I find that the only downside to them is they only offer express shipping via EMS, where shipping cost is calculated by weight hence can be somewhat costly. Also usually when you place your order, the weight is overestimated and additional costs are refunded back to your Gmarket account - not whichever payment method you chose. To make the most out of your Gmarket purchase, I recommend ordering with friends or either make a large order.

My order mainly consisted of beauty products from Etude House, Innisfree, Peri Pera, Mizon, a pair of shorts and pants, and a pair of wedges! I made two orders at separate times however I was able to combine shipping despite delaying my order being shipped by two or three days. In total my order weighed about 5.57kg and cost around $225 plus $52 shipping (oops...).

Date of first order placed: 25 / 08 / 13
Date of second order placed: 28 / 08 / 13
Order despatched: 31 / 08 / 13
Order arrived: 03 / 08 / 13

I didn't order that much. It's just half empty boxes!
To start off, I will share what I purchased from Etude House!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lust Have It: FaB Box - September

Lust Have It recently unveiled their newest FaB boxes, where FaB stands for fashion & beauty, and which they deem to be "the most exclusive fashion and beauty box". They are available for $35 per month and aim to provide the latest and most on-trend fashion and beauty pieces. Each month you will receive 5-6 items in your box I believe, where three of them are fashion related.

Image from Lust Have It website
The first edition of the FaB boxes received mixed reviews and I'm a bit unsure as to how I feel about paying $35 per month if LHI keeps up like this. To find out what I received, if you haven't already, continue reading! :)

Friday, 4 October 2013

September Empties!

Wow it's officially October, meaning less than three months til 2014! I can't wait until this month is over as it means no more uni (!), aside from exams, and I'm also heading down to Melbourne in exactly two months for a weekend getaway to celebrate my 21st. If you're from and have been to Melbourne, please recommend me some must-go places :)

Quite frankly, with my return to blogging, I don't know where to begin or what to post - I feel so unorganised. To keep things rolling I will start by doing another empties post; nothing much this month as I haven't been using many products but something is better than nothing :)

To start off with this month's list, we have...

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Blog Revamp + September Bellabox: Spring Party Essentials

I'M BACKKK!!! Its been so long since I've last posted something or visited anyone's blog for that matter - please forgive me; I've missed reading everyone's blogs and mingling with you all :( ! I have finally finished the majority of my assessments for now and currently on my midsem break. However I still have two assessments to start on, due in less than a week, and with work in the way I can't seem to find the time to post :( Hopefully I can get back into my mojo (that's what I always say...) despite my inactiveness on most social media. Also, how do you like my new blog layout kudos to Kayla from Rockaboo Designs? :D I've been dying to show you guys for a long while but it took a little longer than expected but it's finally here!

With my return, I want to start off with this month's Bellabox! This month Bellabox has partnered with Cleo to bring us some spring party essentials. I love how the products in the September box is somewhat different, which is always a bonus because I am so sick of receiving moisturisers or cleansers every single month. One small issue that bugged me was trying to track my parcel; there was no signs of activity until about two days later in comparison to Auspost which is almost instant.

Lets find out what was in this month's box if you haven't seen already!