Friday, 23 August 2013 & Eastbay haul

Have you ever wanted to purchase something online only to find out they only ship within USA & America, or if they did ship internationally the fees would be unjustifiable? I experience this way too often however discovering PriceUSA has made life easier! This is my first time placing an order through PriceUSA whereas other times I've used HopShopGo but I found their service and shipping fees to be outrageous.

For those who haven't heard of PriceUSA, they were an Australian based company helping many Australians, as well as international customers, place orders on American websites on your behalf and ships your order to you at no extra cost i.e. no extra service costs but there are optional inspection fees etc. If you don't understand what I mean (since I'm terrible at explaining) I will go through the process of how I placed my order.

Placing an order on PriceUSA is relatively easy. All you do is click on 'Order' on the top right hand corner and it will bring up a form for you to fill in. Everything is pretty self explanatory apart from the 'International Shipping' option. If you don't know how much your order weights exactly, simply choose the estimate free shipping for me option or if you want express estimate fast shipping for me. For your order details, it is very important to include every single detail such as the item url, name, size, colour, price etc. to avoid them from ordering the wrong item. If you have any promo codes or vouchers you want to use, add this information in the 'extra details' box so they will know when they place your order.

Once you've placed your order, you will receive an email with a quote of the total estimated cost, which is subject to change, and to pay a deposit either via bank deposit or Paypal (incl. extra fees). After your deposit has been received, one of PriceUSA's partner will place the order for you and it will be sent directly to their address. When they have received the order, you will receive an email to inform you they've received it and to pay for the outstanding amount with the updated shipping total from them to you. As soon as they receive your deposit, you will receive another email letting you know your order has been shipped and all that's left for you is the waiting game!

As for my Eastbay order placed via PriceUSA, here are the dates for you to get a general idea:

Order placed on PriceUSA: 02 / 08 / 13
First payment & order placed on Eastbay: 03 / 08 / 13
Order despatched from Eastbay: 06 / 08 / 13
Second payment & order received by USA: 09 / 08 / 13
Order despatched from USA: 10 / 08 / 13
Order received by me: 23 / 08 / 13

If you don't mind playing the waiting game, then I highly recommend placing an order on PriceUSA because you save a substantial amount in shipping costs. My total cost for four items excluding shipping was US$88.96. If I placed my order directly on Eastbay, my total including shipping would have been $88.96 + $39.99 = US$128.95 or approx AUD$149.95. Outrageous shipping fees right?! However my total cost via PriceUSA was $88.96 + $2.22 (delivery protection) + $18.75 = US$109.93 or AUD$127.83. A $20 difference might not be much but it's good to be money savvy and if I were to purchase my items in Australia my total would have been close to $200.

All of my items were still in their individual plastic bags with price tags attached.

Nike Hero 3.5" Mesh Shorts - RRP $24.99 $19.99
The perfect length shorts for working out in my opinion but I'm not that savvy. Material is very lightweight and provides ventilation to keep you cool during your workout. It has an elastic waistband with a drawstring, which I really need since a size S is still loose on me. I also love the the contrasting dark blue and neon green combination!

Nike Dri-Fit Low Rise Tempo Shorts - RRP $31.99 $21.99 
My favourite out of the bunch! It features a 3.5" inseam, mesh insets and DriFit microfibre material for added comfort and ventilation. There are two built in pockets at the back to fit your mp3 or something but they are a bit small (width of an iPhone 5). Like the shorts above, it has an elastic waistband with a drawstring and I am loving the two toned colour combination.

Adidas Originals Three Stripe Leggings - RRP $29.99 $24.99
What let me down is how thin the material is. I was hoping for something thicker to prevent the outline of your panties being shown and somehow keep me warm as well in the cooler seasons. I don't find them as stretchy or comfortable compared to a pair of leggings I purchased from Supre's sporte range. The fitting is also a bit weird on me as I noticed the right leg is stretchier than the left when I where it as my left leg felt more restricted around the thighs. After further inspection I saw the width in material was noticeably different. I don't blame Eastbay for this and I was definitely expecting more from Adidas; not worth my money.

Moving Comfort Vixen High Impact A/B Sports Bra - RRP $35.99 $21.99
I'm not used to wearing a sports bra so this felt really tight and uncomfortable to me. The racerback design provides ventilation and the moulded cups for support and shaping because our goodies can be quite bothersome while working out! Because of the tight fit I do find that it's a bit difficult to take off.

That's all I purchased from Eastbay and I would probably purchase from them again as the prices are considerably cheaper than Australia. Also I am very pleased with my experience with PriceUSA as they constantly update you in regards to your order and of course the cheaper shipping costs. I hope you found my post helpful and informative!

Have you purchased via PriceUSA before? 

Hope you have a lovely weekend! x

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with PriceUSA and all goods and services have been paid at my own expense. All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.


  1. Kristen @YourBeautyFix24 August 2013 at 01:05

    this sounds like such an amazing site! glad theres an option for people outside of the US to order things without paying crazy shipping prices :)

  2. workout gear! awesome!


    New Post!

  3. i think i've seen something similar for canada. its crazy how the prices can be so different even though we're so close to parity so i feel your pain. ( i think the AUS and CDN dollar have tracked each other quite closely in the last couple of years)

  4. Buenas compras!!


  5. Thank you for introducing this!!! So so helpful x

  6. It's great to have a service such as this, makes shopping and life so much easier!

  7. Yes, the AUD, CDN and USD has been quite close in recent years but for the past few months the value of AUD has depreciated relatively quickly. It's crazy of Canada is more expensive than the US despite being right next to each other :/

  8. No problem, glad you found it helpful!


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