Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Violet Box

By now everyone would have received their boxes already but it would still be nice to share with you what was in this month's Violet Box! August will be the last month of my three-month subscription with Violet Box and I don't plan on resubscribing any time soon for financial reasons. However I have been thoroughly impressed with the content over the these three months! If you are interested in subscribing, each month is $22.95 and you will receive 4-6 deluxe sample size items :)

I didn't feature last month's box as I was overseas so I did receive it a bit late. It was a wonderful box and this month is no exception. Find out what I received in this month's box! :)

Jelly Pong Pong: 2-in-1 Shadow / Liner (Bronze)
Full size - RRP $19
How cool is the brand name?! Jelly Pong Pong!! I have never heard of this brand before but I am excited to try this product. The formula is very smooth and allows for smudging, and I think it would work much better as an eyeshadow rather than an eyeliner especially for those with oily eyelids like me. Bronze is also a very versatile shade to work with so yay!

Jelly Pong Pong: Lip Blush
Full size - RRP $22
A pencil / crayon looking lip stain with a twist-up packaging. Again the formula is really smooth and easily to apply though I don't find it that moisturising. This product is also very pigmented but you can also build up the colour for a more intense, vibrant look. However red lips isn't everything's thing as it can be hard to pull off and causes your teeth to look more yellow, eek.

How pretty is the packaging?

Dr Bragi: Age Management Moisturiser
5ml sample - 60ml RRP $179
Such an expensive moisturiser! The formula contains 'super active' marine enzymes and hyaluronic acid for added hydration. Dr Bragi has described it to be a versatile facial moisturiser (3-in-1; serum, moisturiser and eye cream) by reducing the signs of ageing from the effects of environmental stress, prevent the breakdown of collagen and support optimal cell function. There's a not saying if your skin feels sticky then you have used too much. When I tried this I didn't even use a lot but my face still felt sticky and greasy so I don't particularly like it as I have oily skin.

ghd: Style Heat Protection Spray
Full size - 120ml RRP $24
I know ghd straighteners are a cult favourite of everyone. I actually don't do anything to my hair so I most likely won't be using this but it might be handy one day. It's also very nice to have a full size version of this as well!

Goldwell Dualsenses: Rich Repair Cream Shampoo & Anti-Breakage Conditioner
10ml samples - 300ml RRP $24.95 each
Aaahh sachet samples... This duo is catered towards dry and stressed hair to help repair and prevent breakage. I probably have the worst split ends on this planet because the ends of my hair are so dry but ironically I find the roots to be too oily after a day. Did I mention that my uncle, who is a hair dresser, was so shocked at the amount of split ends I have that he said he would have to chop off a lot of my hair?

That is all for this month's Violet Box! I probably won't be using everything but there are a great selection of products and from brands I don't use. The boxes arrived a little later than usual but it was well worth the wait as I believe the Jelly Pong Pong products were from the UK!

Did you like the products in this month's Violet Box?

Hope you're having a fantastic week so far! :)

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  1. Nice!!


  2. I received the jelly pong pong 2-1 liner in my glossybox last month and i really love it! It smudges so nicely :D

  3. Some nice products in here! But same with you, i don't do anything to my hair, other than a itty bitty gel when it gets a bit frizzy

  4. Wow it looks like good stuff. The lip blush looks interesting to try out..

  5. I love beauty boxes and its fun anticipating what you might get this month! The Jelly Pong Pong products look so cute (:

  6. the eyeliner looks good c: i think the heat protectant will come in handy!

  7. jelly pong pong is a hard one to find. i think i can across it in a chain drugstore while i was in NYC but i haven't seen it in Canada. the color looks really nice for the lip pencil. you get a lot of good sized products in this box actually!

  8. TriedandTestedBlogger30 August 2013 at 17:26

    I'd never heard of Jelly Pong Pong before receiving my box but the name is super cute! I thought this months box was worth the delayed shipment too as the products were great this month, Not a fan of sachets too but I'm going to try and use it!

  9. Raimar ღ Guevara ღ31 August 2013 at 01:07

    Oh really cute bog interesting products dear, many thanks for share your box content with us.


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  10. Lovely packaging! I'm such a sucker for cute stuff :) The products look great as well xo

  11. I fall into the cute packaging trap too! Such a bad way to spend money

  12. No worries dear, thanks for reading!

  13. I love the name! Probably the cutest name I've ever heard. I don't think anyone is a fan of sachet samples haha

  14. I've never heard of Jelly Pong Pong before and pretty sure it's not available in Australia. And yes, Violet Box has been pretty good over the last three months! Sadl'y I won't be resubscribing anytime soon T__T

  15. The heat protectant isn't necessarily for my needs since I never straighten or curl my hair anyways :( Except maybe blowdrying, which is rare

  16. That's the best thing about beauty boxes! Finding out what you'll be receiving and trying to spoil it for yourself each month ahhaa

  17. It's a really nice lip stain! Would be great if I received it in a different colour since I don't particularly like red lip products (makes my teeth look yellow :( )

  18. Hahaha I don't even use gel or wax! Most days I don't even brush my hair either....

  19. I love how you can smudge it as well! I think it would work much better as a shadow rather than a liner

  20. Eeeee don't chop all of your hair
    uncle of Louise :P
    Nice content of this box I think!
    That chubby red lip balm sounds



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