Saturday, 27 July 2013

Travel Diary [Part 2]

Hello my lovelies! I have been meaning to write up the second part of my trip but I have been extremely unmotivated as I'm still in my holiday mode. I haven't blogged for three weeks so I guess I am a bit out of my funk. Also since I am in my second last year of uni I've been stressing a lot more since I have no experience in my field of study and also currently unemployed. What does a person have to do around here when every single job requires experience? Anyways, moving on...

Toronto was the next destination after my very short stay in LA and it was only a 4 hour plane ride away. A couple of my friends were telling me that Toronto was really nice so I was more excited for it and plus I haven't seen my uncle for over ten years. I was lucky enough to experience beautiful sunny weather as there were some flooding and power outages the day before I arrived. I stayed with my aunty in her really nice three storey townhouse (technically four if you include basement) situated in Markham, which I find to be quite an Asian area and very convenient as Tim Hortons was down the road!

My first day was spent walking around Asian shopping centres and my highlight was spotting Holika Holika and Tony Moly! I didn't make many purchases since I was hoping to find the stores while I was in Hong Kong and the products would also be cheaper. Oh and I tried the froyo from Tea Shop 168 and it cannot compare with the froyo in Australia... there wasn't that addictive sour taste if you understand what I mean?? Nothing special happened except meeting more family members I've never seen before and I must say, my relatives in Canada are quite crazy!

Since the weather forecast predicted glorious sunny weather, my uncle planned to take us to Niagara Falls. It is a must-go location if anyone ever heads to Toronto for a holiday. The waterfall and view is simply beautiful. You can see New York on the other side as Niagara Falls is on the borderline of Canada and America, but the view is better from Canada. I also had the chance to browse around the casino but the security guard really made me lose my temper when I tried going in the second time. Normally you would just hand your passport / ID to them but no, this ***** was giving me attitude about a stamp I received earlier to show I am over 19 and the way I handed my passport to her? Like excuse me, it's your job to check my ID properly yourself and if you're that lazy to even flip to the page then you might as well not have a job. My aunties and I seriously wanted to teach her a lesson but I didn't want to create any attention and waste time so that was the only negative thing that happened in Toronto I suppose.

The next day my uncle had booked lunch for us at Creme Brasserie for their Summerlicious menu, which is a summer food festival allowing you to eat a prix fixe three-course menu at participating restaurants. The food was amazing especially their ribs which was so soft and falling off the bone! Afterwards we explored downtown window shopping at designer stores and I bought myself a Tiffany and Co necklace :D Nothing really interested me since it was expensive but when we drove past Eaton I was amazed by the atmosphere - the amount of people, the live band and all the shopping. I only had one hour to spend but bought several items from H&M and Zara as they were crazy sales. Since there wasn't enough time to shop around, we went back to Eaton Centre on our last day along with my cousins. I really enjoyed my stay in Toronto since my relatives are such a crazy bunch and standard of living is better than Sydney in my opinion, however I don't want to experience the cold...

Look at the size of that lobster that we had for dinner...
My stay in Hong Kong was very short lived since all my mum really wanted was to visit my aunty's newly renovated apartment at Imperial Cullinan by the ocean. The service there is exceptional like a hotel and well designed. Our dinner for the first night was at Prince Restaurant in 1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui and I still remember their grilled salmon sushi which is to die for. It simply melts in your mouth with just the right amount of flavours. My time was spent mostly shopping with my aunty at Sogo in Causeway Bay (went in at 1PM and came out at 8PM...) and I was able to make a few purchases at Tony Moly! The sales assistant gave me a bunch of samples and free gift for spending over 500HKD (~$70). If anyone goes to Hong Kong, Sasa is a must shop and I ended up coming out with a bunch of Laneige products for 40% off! There weren't as many Korean brands as I had hoped such as Skinfood or Holika Holika but it didn't bother me too much.

Dinner was at Kaya Korean just opposite of Time Square and their meat were marinated so nicely! My biggest peeve is when Korean BBQs don't marinade their meat and they charge ridiculous prices. By the time we finished dinner at was 10PM and the shopping centres were starting to close. I literally rushed inside Time Square to find Etude House or else I would never have the opportunity to visit for a few years! Luckily they were still open and I came out ten minutes later 1000HKD (~$130) poorer. Little did I know there was also another store outside nearby which was still open so I felt a bit stupid. However I left Hong Kong feeling happy because I ended up getting a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch! It wasn't the skeleton one that I wanted but I still think it looks pretty :)

View from my room in Hong Kong!
Sorry for the super long post but I really hope you enjoyed reading this! Hopefully I can get some beauty-related posts up soon and get back into the habit of blogging consistently again. I will also be announcing the winner of the ICON India Haircare giveaway in my next post :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Can you take some photos of the watch and cosmetics you purchased, I would really like to see all the goodies you bought.

    Jac x0x

  2. You got to go to America? How lucky! I've always wanted to go there. Niagra Falls looks absolutely gorgeous as well *-*

    I was in HK at the beginning of the year but I'm pretty sure Etude House wasn't opened- or I just didn't know it was. :( :( :( I don't blame you for spending that much there though- I probably would too :p

  3. Your photos on instagram made me so jealous! Hope you had a great time :D
    I feel as though the standard of living of U.S/Canada are better than aus... but then again I've never been to either haha

  4. omgggg, i miss it a lotttt =( you make me jealous!!!

  5. Oh, yay- glad you got to visit Toronto! Always happy to hear when people have a nice visit in my neck of the woods. And great that you got to see the Falls as well. Fun photos! xo

  6. Just did a post of all the cosmetics I purchased! :) Might do another post for the fashion related items. A picture of my watch is on my instagram on the sidebar!

  7. Yes, Niagara Falls is gorgeous and a must see if you ever go Toronto!

    I'm not sure when Etude House was open but there are only four stores in HK when I looked online. Two of them are in Causeway Bay and that's all I know ahah

  8. Hahah sorry :P I had a wonderful time thanks!

    I think it depends which part of US / Canada you're talking about but if you're talking about the city then yes. The lifestyle just seems so much better

  9. Yay I love Toronto! :D I hope to return there again during summer because the weather is absolutely wonderful

  10. Such beautiful photos - Toronto is definitely near the top of need-to-go list as well as NY and HK.

    As far as your studies, don't fret too much..but do try to gain as much exposure to the field and experience before you actually graduate :)

  11. I loveee Toronto and HK so you should definitely go there one day! NY is also on my list of places to visit.

    Also thanks for the advice! I've been trying to find internships so I can gain some experience but it's been so difficult :(


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