Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Travel Diary [Part 1]

For today's post I wanted to share you lovely people a recount of my vacation as it was my first time travelling to America and Canada! I always enjoy looking at photos people take when they're overseas and listening to the highlights of their trip; it makes me wish I could be there too to experience it all. I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked since I was simply too lazy to fish out my camera every single time and wasn't bothered holding it (yes I'm that lazy).

The first stop of my trip was Guangzhou, China where I stayed at my aunt's place for two days. If you ever plan or have been to Guangzhou before, be sure to visit her restaurant! It's called Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant / 大头虾 (Google for reviews!) and deemed to be the best Vietnamese restaurant in Guangzhou and trust me when I say there are always people waiting outside both restaurants (there are two!) during lunch and dinner every single day rain, hail or shine. She recently opened a new restaurant as well selling Japanese and Western cuisine. The ramen is as nice as Ippudo since she partnered with someone who used to work there.

Coconut rice with seafood | Pork cutlet ramen | Baked rice with cheese and seafood | Chocolate waffles
My trip in LA wasn't as exciting and great as I expected (I don't know what I was expecting anyways) mainly because I was staying over at a relative's place and she lives in Fontana. If you know where Fontana is, feel my pain!! It literally feels like the countryside in the middle of no where... there's no public transport and you can't even like walk down the road to buy things; if you don't have a car and don't drive then you're pretty much screwed. So that's my little rant about Fontana (sorry if I've offended anyone! I'm just not used to the lifestyle). Also if you follow me on Twitter you would know that my relatives own a bunch of chickens so I was kept awake and gotten woken up by chickens in the wee hours in the morning...

Continuing on... The flight to LA was 13 hours and I was on the Airbus A380, which is a double decker aeroplane!! I arrived on Independence Day during the night so I was able to see the fireworks go off every second all over LA; the fireworks are nothing like Australia since these were going off the whole night non-stop. The traffic was also insane - imagine three bridges with up to seven lanes all lined up with cars travelling at snail speed; puts Sydney road traffic to shame.

On the first day we went to Ontario Mills which is a huge shopping outlet that puts Homebush DFO to shame. My highlight was purchasing a Michael Kors tote handbag and shopping at H&M and Forever21! Lucky for us stores were having Independence Day sales so items were reduced even further although I'm not yet accustomed to adding tax on top of the total price of the products. Since there was no Sephora there, my cousin drove me to another mall to buy some goodies from Sephora and to Target as well for some drugstore goods. I didn't want to buy too many unnecessary products but I still somehow managed to spend over $150...

Steak for breakfast! | Desert Hills Premium Outlet | Inside a mall in Little Saigon | In the desert midway to Vegas
Our shopping destination on the second day was Desert Hills Premium Outlets and the weather was ridiculously hot by midday. I didn't buy much except for a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo sunnies since the shops were pretty much the same as Ontario Mills. After that we drove to Little Saigon which was a very long drive away... Little Saigon is like triple the size of Cabramatta if not more. Funny enough my dad bumped into an acquaintance all the way from Sydney! I have to admit the food in Cabramatta tastes much better than Little Saigon though.

The next day we went to Vegas and arrived in the afternoon. The weather was ridiculously hot even at night (over 40C) and I really wasn't in the mood to do anything. Regardless, we walked down Las Vegas Boulevard to watch the shows in front of Bellagio, Treasure Island and The Mirage which were really entertaining especially Treasure Island. Macau is like nothing compared to Vegas. I didn't get to explore the shops or buy anything since I went back to LA the next day and had to start packing for Toronto.

The Eiffel Tower | Waterfall outside The Mirage | Traffic in Vegas | Water fountain show outside Bellagio
I wish I could have stayed in LA for a few more days to explore as I didn't get to visit Disneyland or even explore downtown. Next time I hope to travel with friends and I'll know to stay far, far away from Fontana. My next post will feature my time in Toronto and my extremely short stay in Hong Kong so stay tuned!

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  1. Your pictures are AMAZING and it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Your food pictures are making me so hungry!

  2. Las Vegas is on my bucket list!! HongKong is one of my favourite places to visit, I just love it there.

    Great photos.

    Jac x0x

  3. Waaaahhhh the food looks fantastic at your aunt's restaurant...
    I really hate it when I go traveling with my family because it means we'll have to stay with other family who just happen to live in a really inconvenient spot and totally downpours on the voyaging experience! I much prefer traveling with friends instead. :p

  4. Spending $150 worth of beauty/fashion stuff is not bad, especially considering how pricey American brands are here in Aus!
    I really enjoy reading travel entries too - looking forward to your next one!

  5. Matthew Nguyen25 July 2013 at 21:27

    The ramen and chocolate waffles look so delicious :3

  6. Thank you Dawn! :) And yes I had a lovely time.

  7. You should definitely visit Vegas when you have the opportunity! I absolutely love Hong Kong as well, one of my faves too.

    And hope you drop by my aunt's restaurant if you ever fly to Guangzhou! ;)

  8. The food tastes just as good.
    And I agree, I somewhat dislike travelling with family especially in Asian countries since I have no one to talk to and don't understand T__T Friends are always more fun to be around

  9. I agree but around $100 was spent on only like... four or five items T__T not including tax.

  10. awww you should've stayed at our house! No noisy chickens and still close enough for you to get picked up in the morning. And borrow a car next time! :-)

  11. btw, I'm glad you got the other nars blush hehe


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