Monday, 17 June 2013

Violet Box, Bellabox, Lust Have It

Hey beauties! How are you all doing? Today all THREE of my subscription beauty boxes arrived and I just wanted to quickly post up what items I received. I didn't take any proper photos since I should be studying so I am using the ones I uploaded on Instagram - hope you don't mind.

First off, I will start with Violet Box.
Violet Box is a newly started beauty box subscription and debuted this month. They are a little pricier at $22.95 a month (quite an odd figure) plus free shipping so I am hoping they are able to deliver. Same concept as LHI and BB where you will receive 4-6 premium samples each month.

In this box we have:
Avene: Gentle Gel Cleanser
50ml sample - 200ml RRP $23.95
I'm sort of sick of receiving Avene products, especially cleansers. I have so many cleansers that I have yet to go through T__T

Calvin Klein CK One: Colour Cosmetics Gloss Eyecolor - Ultra (800)
Full size - RRP $25
The shade I received is a shimmery white / silver. It's creamy and glide on smoothly. Great to use for the inner corner of your eyes.

Calvin Klein: Sheer Beauty 
1.2ml sample - 50ml RRP $80; 100ml RRP $120
A lovely fresh floral fragrance that's great for daytime wear.

John Plunkett: Glyco Peel
Full size - 15ml RRP $28.95
This is an anti-aging night time exfoliator, containing 25% glycolic acid plus aloe vera and lactokine. I've never heard of this brand before but I'm interested in trying this product.

Lash Control: Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix
Full size - RRP $25
Pretty self explanatory except the packaging is a bit different. The middle part is a soft silicon which you squeeze when pulling the wand out to remove excess product and avoid clumps. Pretty nifty product but would have been great if it was in black instead.

Argania: Hair Oil Travel Cuties
5ml sample - 100ml RRP $34.99
Argan oil for the hair, rich in vitamins and antioxidants! I love using argan oil as it keeps the hair smooth and healthy. I wish this didn't come in a bottle though, or would provide a dropper for easier use. Oh and it smells really nice - a sweet and subtle vanilla scent.

Overall, a pretty good box from Violet Box considering it's their first one. I really hope they can continue delivering great products for the price they set. They are they most except out of the three so it will be really disappointing if they don't keep up.

Next up will be Bellabox!
The theme for this month is 'Girls night in... girls night out'. Yet again another box filled with many products!

Streetstar Cosmetics: Streetgloss Lip Gloss
Full size - RRP $17.95
I hate lip gloss. End of story. I haven't opened this product yet to actually test it since it's expired (LOL) but Bellabox is offering a replacement. I actually really like the shade they sent me though.

Bioderma: Atoderm Cream
2 x 8ml samples - 200ml RRP $29.95
I would be excited to try this except it's for dry to very dry skin, which I don't have :'( It's a nourishing cream to help moisturise and soften the skin. Maybe I'll give this a go if my skin ever feels dry (maybe on the plane???)

Tiaki: Day Cream
5ml sample - 60g RRP $45
The smell is a bit funky and for some reason reminded me of Chinese herbal medicine, though not the same O__O It feels very light, non-greasy, fast absorbing and makes the skin feel smooth.

Kiss: Nail Dress
Full size - RRP $13.99
No comment... I don't know whether I will be trying this out. Not really my style.

Toni&Guy: Hair Meet Wardrobe Creative Texturising Glue
Full size - 100ml RRP $15.99
Not sure if I'll be using this either since I rarely use hair products, especially styling products.

Montagne Jeunesse: Passion Peel Off Mask
5ml sample - 10ml RRP $3.99
If the full size is only 10ml, why not just add another pack?! We're only halfway there. Not quite interested but I will definitely give it a go.

Brazilian Butterfly: Assortment
5ml samples - 200ml RRP $18.22
You can see from the picture there is an assortment of products. I hate sachet samples but they seem interesting considering there are seven different types!

Oh, and this wasn't included in the product card so I'm guessing it's a bonus item.
Natio: Nail Colour
Received this in the shade Valentine, a gorgeous true red. A classic colour that you can never go wrong with regardless of the occasion or season or whatever.

Quite an interesting selection of products, some hit and misses but only due to personal preference. Still happy with what I received though! :D

And last but not least, Lust Have It.
You all know I haven't been satisfied with LHI's standard recently and once again, I will be whinging or complaining. This month they claim to be celebrating the release of the movie Great Gatsby but I don't see a very strong connection.

Rachel K: Mineral Colour Control CC Cream
4 sachet samples - 50ml RRP $39
Many people have raved about this cc cream so I'm interested in trying this. Not sure if it will suit my skin tone but I also have to add, LHI included these samples in a previous box not too long ago. I feel as though they had nothing to add this month so they decided to chuck in leftover samples.

Batiste: Dry Shampoo - Cherry
50ml sample - 200ml RRP $9.95
Are you kidding me? I received this from Bellabox in February and a full size bottle in the exact same scent from Her Fashion Box last month. Hopping on the bandwagon a bit late. Plus, I haven't used any of my bottles yet since I have no need for them. And I still don't understand what all the hype is about.

Pure Fiji: Hydrating Body Lotion - Ocean Mist
? sample - 354ml RRP $29.95
Last month LHI offered a body lotion from Seacret as well in 'Ocean Mist'. How many body lotions does a person need? I am sick of seeing the words ocean mist as well.

Real Purity: Natural Lipstick - Romantic Red
? sample - RRP $15USD
Crown Brush: Disposable Lip Brush
Thank god the lip brush is disposable because it's rubbish and hard to use. The lipstick sample is quite inconvenient as well - you either use a lip brush or your fingers... The shade doesn't seem too pigmented either.

Savi: Organic Soothing Cream
20ml sample - 60ml RRP $27.95
One ingredient that stood out to me the most was cannabis sativa LOL. Aims to heal and soothe the skin. I reaaalllyyy dislike the smell plus how many creams does LHI have to include in their boxes every month?

Klara: H2O Proof Eyeliner
Full size - RRP $18
Double ended eyeliner - black pencil liner on one end and a smudger on the other. I haven't tested whether it's 'H2O proof' - why can't they just say water proof? lol. Not sure whether I will have mmuch use for this since I'm a gel liner kinda person.

OPI: Pure Lacquer Nail Apps
Full size - RRP $19.99
I highly doubt I will wear these nail stickers. Not only do I dislike nail stickers, but the design is tacky. Imagine a silver base with a clipart of a cocktail... Also, the size is far from compatible with the size of my nails.

So that's all this month for my beauty box subscriptions.

What are your thoughts on this month's boxes?

Sorry for the length post but I wanted to share with you what I received and get this done and over with. I have three exams left which I am very unprepared for. Sh*t happened yesterday so my life turned upside down and I can't wait til I finish my exams and leave this country. Sigh... hope everyone had a wonderful start to the week :)


  1. Can't say I am too impressed with Violet Box's offering this month, I haven't received mine yet, hardly Luxe products or different as they claimed they were going to be, just more of the same really. I think I am turning into a jaded beauty box subscriber, I was really hoping that VB would take it up a level for the extra money. I hate Avene, I hate John Plunkett and I hate CK products, doesn't look like I'm going to like this box at all.
    Well you know what I think of this month's offering from LHI :o(
    I am looking forward to receiving my BB though, the cheapest beauty box on the market and they seem to have the best selection and jam packed too. I'm not all that keen on styling products but they do come in handy if you do your hair up in a bun.

    Jac x0x
    hair care giveaway on my blog

  2. I think Violet Box delivered more full size and I guess... "high end" products, but not products I'd personally use. Same with BB I guess. lots of great products but quite a few I wouldn't use - although I'm still quite pleased with my box! LHI is a DISASTER!! After looking at the eyeliner more closely.. it looks really cheap, no where does it state the ingredients or any further information.

    Good luck with your exams! I'm during my exam period as well, except our bloody psycho lecturers decided they want 5 assignments due during exam week >_< But it seems like a well deserved break for both of us at the end of it ;)

  3. ooh, violet box looks nice, and I only just subbed to BB but hoping my first box will have the same goodies as the one you got. As for LHi, if you think your box was nothing special, check out my crappy one! Perhaps your nail stickers will be okay for an accent nail rather than the whole lot? I'd much preferred to have received some than what I got

  4. Holy cow... You are subbed to all three?! Cray! I've seen a lot of those Avene samples in beauty boxes and seeing that you are subbed to three, I feel ya!

  5. TheHappySloths18 June 2013 at 00:44

    wow that brow gel looks so fancy!

  6. MyBeautyJunction18 June 2013 at 04:10

    I like your Bellabox best, followed by Violet Box. Good luck with your exams and I wish you a great trip!

  7. Just discovered your blog and it's great! Good review of the boxes. I receive Lust Have It! each month but am thinking I should try BellaBox, do you recommend BB?

    I'm new to blogging so I'd love it if you could take a look at my Lust Have It June post and leave me a comment :)

    You've got a new bloglovin follower here, would love you to follow back.

    Thanks heaps

  8. I cancelled all of my box subscriptions after I got a huge jug of jewelry cleaner in one of mine. Runners-up on the annoyance factor: Brown shades of lipgloss and tiny fragrance samples that I can get for free from Sephora.

    I felt upset for you just looking at the photo of the LHI box. 4 sachet samples. Of the same thing. From a previous box. Yuck.

  9. The Violet Box looks good! I guess since it's pricier, its got to deliver. Looking forward to your posts some of these products.
    Hope your exams went well! So glad I don't have to go through those anymore. So sorry to hear that you are experiencing a rough patch- stay positive, things can only look up from now!

  10. Hmmm... the Lust have it box... I don't really see a connection to Gatsby either. :s Slightly confused, but I'd definitely try those CC creams if I had 'em! xD

  11. Yeah, I don't think I would be sticking with them for long though. I'm subscribed to so many beauty boxes and I have so many products piling up unused and I totally forget about them @__@ .. And my exams were horrible, one more to go :( And I'm all fine now, thanks for the advice ^^

  12. A jug of jewellery cleaner?!?!?! What on earth... And I agree with you about lip glosses, not just the brown shades! Another thing that peeves me the most is cleansers and body lotion.

    I have two months left till my LHI subscription ends and I most likely won't be resubscribing!

  13. Haha CC creams are currently the latest craze so I think anyone would try them haha


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