Friday, 7 June 2013

Rimmel London - Apocalips Lip Lacquer

I'm sure many of you, if not everyone, would have already read reviews and maybe grabbed yourself a couple of these lip lacquers by now. They were highly raved about in the blogosphere and I wanted to find out for myself what all the hype was about as well as compare to Australis' Pout Paste. I know Apocalips isn't readily available in Australia but I purchased mine from ASOS a while back for $7.50 each if anyone is interested! :)

Do these actually live up to the hype?

PACKAGING: Different from your average drugstore lip glosses. The packaging colour indicates what colour the lip lacquer is, which is true to colour when swatched. It has a doe-foot applicator with a small hole in the middle (which I didn't get a picture of, oops).

TEXTURE & SCENT: Thankfully it's not thick or sticky and easy to work with. You would already know that it's super pigmented like a lipstick with a glossy finish. It's not as glossy as the Pout Pastes, which I don't particularly mind since I'm not really a gloss lover to begin with. As the the scent, it's quite artificial and sort of floral-y. I don't really know how to describe it o_o

LONGEVITY: Compared to the Pout Pastes, these last much longer as it doesn't transfer as easily after blotting or eating and drinking. It leaves a bit of stain when it wears off around three hours ish.

My favourite is a toss between Apocaliptic and Galaxy. Nova is a bit cool for my skin tone despite the gorgeous shade. For some reason Galaxy doesn't look as nice or as pigmented in my photos but the shade is excellent for winter right now.
Apocaliptic | Nova | Galaxy
After purchasing these I really wanted to kick myself for buying the Pout Pastes first instead of Apocalips since the quality is better and at a cheaper price! Buying three Apocalips from ASOS was still cheaper than buying two Pout Pastes...

Have you tried Rimmel's Apocalips yet?


  1. awww I have gotto get these! looks so creamy and pigmented

  2. MyBeautyJunction7 June 2013 at 21:22

    Oooh I need Apocaliptic, it looks stunning on you. I have Celestial and love it!

  3. they look so pigmented, creamy, and lovely!

  4. I love those shades on you they all look great these are my favorites too much better than the Pout pastes.

    I'm having a giveaway please come on over and enter

    Jac xox

  5. Omg, if there is such a thing as too pretty... these are TOO pretty gahhhh

  6. These look quite gorgeous! I haven't tried the pout pastes as none of the colours appealed to me, but I like the look of Apocaliptic here! And the price is nice too :)

  7. With Love, Tiffany8 June 2013 at 04:17

    Wow, this are super pigmented! They sort of remind me of the YSL glossy lip stains, except probably a third of its price. I haven't seen these around in the states yet but I'd check them out, I like Apocolytic the best :)

  8. apocalyptic is super pretty and these are really pigmented!

  9. From reading reviews, I thinkI'd prefer these over Australis' Pout Pastes! Like you, I'm not one for glosses either so it shouldn't be a problem! Hehehhehehe. Wth are you wearing on your nails missy? What is the glitter coat. Must TELL me NOWWWWWWW.

  10. Whuaahh.. the colors are nice and solid!


  11. wow!!!! The colors shocked me! I didn't expect them to be so bright and pigmented! These look very nice and I love apocalyptic. I'm going to look into these a bit more now!

  12. Ooh these look nice! I've put these on my shopping list for NYC! :D

  13. The colours and the texture is gorgeous! I love the colours that you chose. Sort of kicking myself for not ordering these. Ah well.. I have too many lip products to use.

  14. Gosh, I've read such great things about these, and this post has tempted me further! Apocalyptic is such a stunning bright pink and I love the shimmer in Galaxy! xo

  15. Nope I haven't but I sure love 'Apocaliptic' one!
    Yay for a bit longer lasting color as well!


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