Monday, 24 June 2013

Mini haul: W2Beauty

Not too long ago I made a mini haul on W2Beauty even though I know I shouldn't have since I am planning to do most of the shopping while overseas. Plus I purchased this when the AUD was starting to depreciate against the USD T_T... If you haven't heard of W2Beauty before or don't know what that is, you could read my post here to learn a bit more about them.

Date ordered: 04 / 06 / 13
Date despatched: 07 / 06 / 13
Date received: 19 / 06 / 13

My items arrived in a box sticky taped all around, which was quite troublesome to open. The items themselves were all nicely bubble wrapped including my free samples hahaha :P You don't have to worry about your items being damaged.

I ordered three items which amounted to $29.19 USD, not including a $5 voucher I used and an additional $2.35 for tracking. I was actually a bit confused whether tracking was free or not since the amount deducted when I applied the voucher was $7.35 but now, after checking again, it was added back. I'm so stupid haha. However standard shipping is free for all orders :)

The items I purchased were
  • Holika Holika - Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling
  • Tony Moly - Petite Bunny Lip Gloss
  • Tony Moly - Pocket Bunny Mist
With every order you also receive some free samples! Alice was nice enough to give me a bit more, so thank you Alice! The samples I received were:
  • 2 x Etude House - Fresh Cherry Tint
  • Etude House - Choux Base
  • Etude House - Nymph Aura Volumer
  • Innisfree - Green Tea Seed Serum
  • Banila Co - It Radiant CC Cream
If you plan to make a purchase sometime in the future, you can use the code "1525905" to receive a $5 voucher when you sign up :)

Have you used any of these products before?

Oh and I finished my exams today, woop woop!! Now I am aiming to write up some posts before I head off to keep my blog sort of updated I guess? I'm not sure whether I'll have internet access while I'm gone so boo... Anyways, have a lovely week ladies! ^^


  1. What a cute little haul! The Tony Moly packaging is really adorable :)

  2. Oh my! Thats cuteness overdose >.<

  3. hello Louise! =)
    cute haul! korean products never fail to make cute packaging!

    Please tell me how the baby silky foot worked, it looks promising! =)
    andi wanna hear more of


  4. that's so weird that you can get tint samples! looks like you got some good samples =)

  5. tony moly products are so kawaii!!! Ive only tested their petite bunny gloss, it smells so good. Let me know how you go with it! :)

  6. Your haul is amazing! They also gave lovely samples >,<

    I'm curious about Holika Holika Silky foot one shot peeling. My feet are ugly xpp


  7. The foot peeler seems very interesting!

  8. Great haul! Can't wait to see your reviews :) I'm especially interested in the Tony Moly gloss bar, I've been seeing them everywhere!
    Also, I'd just like to let you know that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! It would be wonderful if you could have a look on my blog via the link below! :)
    Much Love, Minni xx

  9. Fräulein Schnee25 June 2013 at 22:07

    Nice haul! I have one of the gloss bars myself and I love is so cute *_*

  10. Hi Apple! :) I agree, Korean products always have the cutest packaging; they're too cute to resist. I'm testing the baby silky foot now but I probably won't comment on the cc cream since I can't say much about samples.

  11. I love their bunny products! The cat ones are quite cute as well

  12. I will, I'm using it now! :)

  13. I'm using it now so I will post a review once the effects kick in :) The bunny mist smells really nice and feels refreshing! Packaging is adorable as well.

  14. The lip tints aren't liquid-y to use so I guess that's alright for samples :S I can't wait to try the choux base though!

  15. I know!!! i haven't tried the bunny gloss yet since it's just lying on my table LOL but I will let you know once I do :)

  16. Thanks Joan! I'll be doing a review on the foot masks hopefully soon so keep watch :) And don't worry, I dislike my feet as well.

  17. It does right? I'm using it now so hopefully all goes well.

  18. Oh I'd love to read how you go for the hand and feet masks! I've only ever used hand masks once from a Western brand but I didn't notice much difference.

  19. Thanks for nominating me Minni! Well check out your blog soon :) And I will hopefully do a review soon on the bunny gloss! They're too cute to resist not buying

  20. Glad to hear you like the gloss! I have yet to use it but I agree it's totally adorable.

  21. hehe i hope have the greatest creativity like koreans do! i have one korean friend and everytime she's bored in class, she draws stuffs on my notebook and its actually cute. they really are born with magic hands for cuteness i guess! haha =D

    i want to know if its good too, cause my heals are starting to dry. im currently treating them with moisturizing lotion at the moment. tell me how it works ^^

  22. Nice haul! The foot peel didn't peel for me! I hope you get better results with it!

  23. Everything is too cute!! Love this beauty haul! ^^ x

  24. Come on Australian dollar! I really want to do some more shopping :( haha

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