Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mini haul: Aliexpress

A number of you may know that I had some doubts prior to purchasing from Aliexpress as there were a number of negative reviews on Google though I've read on Soompi that someone had a positive experience. Well, a couple of weeks ago I took the plunge and made a mini purchase to test it out. Thankfully my order arrived safe and sound and there was no dodgy business.

In short, Aliexpress is like Ebay and Taobao (Chinese version of Ebay, only available in China) based in China. The products are sold at wholesale prices though quite a number of them require you to purchase in bulk (since they're wholesalers) but you can also purchase individual items. All you have to do is check '1 piece only' in the search bar. Anyways, I will review the products I purchased first before going into further details!

Date ordered: 31 / 05 / 13
Date despatched: 03 / 06 / 13
Date received: 22 / 06 / 13

The overall process was quite a long wait. It takes one day to process the money then the next few days they prepare your order and despatch it. You will receive an email with a tracking number and if you haven't received your order after 60days of despatch, you can open a dispute I believe. After that I'm not sure what happens.

As for my order, I purchased three Wildfox inspired knitted tops and a pair of galaxy leggings for a total of $49.33 USD, which includes free shipping via China Post. I wasn't expecting much in terms of quality after much experience with wholesale fashion retailers so you basically get what you pay for. Overall I am quite satisfied with the purchases I made ^__^

These are my favourite out of the four and looks exactly like the stock image. I initially purchased these to compare with my Romwe galaxy leggings and the material is exactly the same - very silky smooth material with elasticity. If you purchase from Romwe, it would cost at least $24.99 unless they're having a promotion. However the material isn't thick enough so you should be careful as you can see the panty outline.

I really love this sweater because of the sequin detailing but the knit was thinner than I expected. Compared to the stock image, the wording isn't as clear for example - the E looks like a backwards 3 and 9 looks like a cross between 4 and 9. Also the black heart doesn't really look like a heart. However, for $16 it's pretty good compared to spending almost $200.

I was expecting this to be quite thin after looking at the stock images but it's actually thinner than I imagined and quite flimsy that I'm scared to wash it. However it looks true to photos though I quite dislike the printing... Normally with knitted tops they would dye the yarn for coloured parts but this is like they literally printed the design on if you get what I mean??? 

Probably my least favourite out of the bunch. Similar to the floral sweater above, the material is thin and flimsy and the design is literally printed on. The colours aren't as vibrant compared to the stock images. Also, because of the printing, some strands are sort of stuck together though it's quite minor and not noticeable from afar. Can't complain though considering it only costs $10 and I got what I paid for... instead of $200+.

So that's all I ordered!

If you wish to make an order I highly recommend you to read the reviews first as well as the seller's feedback ratings. The feedback rating on Aliexpress is by medals --> diamonds --> crowns. I usually try to look for sellers with at least three diamonds if possible. You should note that Aliexpress does not offer Paypal as a payment method so I used my debit card instead though they do offer buyer protection. I'm not sure how effective it actually is but you can read more here.

Will you be purchasing from Aliexpress?

Hopefully this review has been helpful for you all who have been curious about this website. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try my best to answer them all :)


  1. Yay you finally received your order! Love the designs of the items you picked.
    I recently saw one of those asian dvd stores advertising for this website. Might order something especially those Wildfox inspired sweaters. Thank you for your review!

  2. I think they're still reliable despite not offering Paypal. The payment doesn't go directly to the seller but passes to Aliexpress first methinks.. if everything goes well then the money is passed on.

  3. Tank you! I love them too haha :3

  4. The love potion sweater was the main reason why I placed an order hahaha ><

  5. Thanks! Oh really? They must be that trustworthy then. Do let me know if you place an order :)

  6. I find Chinese retailers a bit more risky than others... don't know why. The tops are wrinkly because I took them right out of the packaging without doing anything hahaha but thanks for the tip :)

  7. I know this Aliepress and I always wondered how the
    stuff it will be like since its wholesale. Thanks for this
    useful review! I don't think I'll purchase tho.... Xx

  8. Very nice haul! I love the floral sweater.

  9. Those leggings look great!

  10. I just put in an order on Aliexpress and stumbled upon your lovely blog. Glad to hear everything arrived okay. It's a bit of a gamble, but you can't really go wrong with a small order, right? :)


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