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MUA - Trio Eyeshadows: Theatrics & Legendary Swatches

Every time I see or here the word 'legendary' I immediately think of Barney Stinson. If you don't know who that is, it's Neil Patrick Harris' character in How I Met Your Mother. It's an awesome show, who else here watches it?

Before I continue with my post, I would love to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! to the beautiful mothers out there. I hope you've been spoiled by your children with lovely presents. Also, I want to share with everyone that I am heading to Los Angeles and Toronto during July with my family for a holiday! It will be my first time there but I would love to know any recommendations of great places to dine, go sight seeing, and of course shopping!

Continuing on from my previous post, we have more eyeshadow swatches from my MUA haul! Theatrics really caught my eyes since the colours looked so beautiful, especially the purple shade. If you are a big fan of shimmery, glittery, sparkly eyeshadows then you'll definitely love today's swatches!

 Theatrics | Legendary
Both eyeshadows are a part of MUA's new improved formula 'merged baked eye shadows'. The colours are very versatile to use throughout day and night though I don't know how long they last since I haven't tried them. The plastic packaging is lightweight and compact to bring around with you anywhere.

Ingredients: Mica, Talc, Nylon 12, Paraffinum liquidum, Dimethicone, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Titanium Dioxide. May contain: Red Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide, Red No. 7 Lake, Yellow Iron Oxide.

Artificial lighting
Since these shades are unnamed, I will describe them from L-R:
#1: A dark greenish black shade with gold and silver glitter
#2: A gorgeousss purple with pink undertones and silver and pink glitter
#3: A more shimmery gold and least glittery out of the three though with gold and silver glitter

Artificial lighting (taken with phone camera)
Similarly, the shades are unnamed so I will describe from L-R
#1 & #3: They are both very, very similar when swatched though #1 has a slightly red undertone while #3 has a yellow undertone.
#2: A shimmery brown with red undertones
All of them have silver glitter but aren't as glittery and sparkly as Theatrics.

The downside to both palettes is the major glitter fall out after you swatch them. The colour pay off is pretty decent as well. I haven't tested applying these wet but I'm pretty sure the intensity of the colour will be WOW. And I know some of you would love to see me create a look with these and I will one day - I promise!

Have you tried MUA's new improved trio eyeshadows?


  1. I am not a fan of baked shadows, but that second trio looks pretty good

  2. MyBeautyJunction12 May 2013 at 02:13

    Theatrics looks so pretty, kind of reminds me of those Accessorize baked shadows - cosmic ones with glitters. Yes, do a look!

    My Beauty Junction

  3. I would go for the 'Theatrics' just because
    I think the purple color is nice c:

  4. the legendary pallete looks gorgeous! the baked eyeshadows look like planets XD

  5. I love all of the palletes! So pretty.


  6. Sad they have glitter that fall out!
    I've tagged you in a post.. Do check it out here's+Corner+!)

  7. Oh really lovely colors!
    That palletes looks like smalls planets are perfet for night!

  8. legen....wait for it.... DARY~ Looooove Barney Stinson! these makeups look awesome btw!


  9. Have your font been like this forever Louise ?o_O" Or is something wrong with my eyes, that it's harder to read today? >_<

  10. I didn't even notice they were baked shadows until after I bought them ahahah >_<

  11. I've never seen them before but will Google them now!

  12. Hahaha the same reason as me!

  13. Oh they do too!! Didn't think of that haha

  14. Yes, it's such a shame. And thank you for tagging!

  15. I think it's legible O___O

  16. ohhh these look good! not such a big fan of glittery shadows, but these look decent :)

    looking forward to a tutorial; i never really know how to apply eyeshadows wet lol (not that i ever tried) haha x

  17. Both of these are so pretty to look at! So celestial. Love the shades in the second one the best- they might make for lovely highlight shades if you don't mind glitter :)

  18. Domenica Calarco25 June 2013 at 01:26

    love the blogs layout! Looks great babe xxx

  19. I love Barney! Although the show itself ,I feel, is being dragged out too long.
    Love the Legendary palette. The colours are gorgeous!

  20. I agree! It's been dragged out for far too long and I think by now everyone wants to know who's Ted's wife haha

  21. Haha yes, Barney is awesome!

  22. Hahaha they do look like small planets! I think they're perfect for any time of day and night :D

  23. Love the shades. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours on GFC and Bloglovin

  24. Thank you for following Sushma! I really appreciate it,


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