Friday, 31 May 2013

May Bellabox - Beauty SOS!

After receiving my Bellabox in March, I unsubscribed because I was unsatisfied with the content. However I couldn't pass up the opportunity of receiving my 'first' Bellabox for $10 and knowing there were so many goodies packed in this month's box. I am so guilty of making impulse or irrational decisions when there's a good deal right in front of me. Besides reading other people's posts, I knew this month was a good box since (1) the box was heavy, and (2) the lid wouldn't close!

May's theme was Beauty SOS - items you should always have in case of emergency :P

A'kin: Kaolin Clay & Lemongrass Express Purifying Facial Masque
Full size - 75ml RRP $19.95
A vegan product free from all the bad ingredients. Claims to deeply cleanse the skin by unclogging and minimising pores and absorbing excess oils. I am trying to get myself into the habit of taking better care of my skin so this is helpful!

Bloom: Lip Stain - Peach
Full size - RRP $18.00
Every time Bellabox offers a colour product, I seem to notice they're usually lip products. As long as they're not lip glosses I am happy :) It's a nice peachy pink shade and dries quickly. 

La Roche-Posay: Effaclar Duo
3ml sample - 40ml RRP $25.95
This is a tiny, tiny sample and Bellabox says "this cream unclogs sebum-blocked pores in 30 days, with one application per day". Not sure if I will notice any difference... hmmm

La Roche-Posay: Effaclar Foaming Gel
15ml sample - 200ml $19.95
I've been accumulating cleansers since subscribing to beauty boxes. Haven't even had the chance to use my Holika Holika egg soap! Probably bring this along when I go travelling :D

Manicare: Duo Mascara Brushes
Full size - 10 per pack RRP $4.99
There are two different types of wands in this pack - the blue helps to add volume to your lashes while the pink aims to curl your lashes. I don't know when I am going to use these but they might come in handy one day!

Almays: Moisturising Eye Makeup Remover Pads
Full size - 80 pads RRP %9.95
I am definitely bringing these along with me when I go travelling instead of my huge bottle of Bioderma Crealine haha. Claims to be the #1 brand in America??? As long as they do their job, I'm happy because makeup remover pads are a must.

2ml sample - 30ml RRP $29.99
I was hoping to receive this in my box since has shown to live up to its hype. It claims to refract light to give the illusion of perfect looking skin. Say bye-bye to wrinkles and pores (temporarily)!

Considering I only paid $10 for this box it is definitely worth the value and in accordance with the beauty SOS theme. Hopefully Bellabox will continue delivering great products in future months but I am thinking of limiting myself to only 1-2 subscriptions. I've unsubscribed to Her Fashion Box and subscribed to a new service called Violet Box, due to release their first box this month.

What are your thoughts on this month's box?


  1. MyBeautyJunction31 May 2013 at 22:36

    Definitely worth it for $10. Love your last sentence about the Effaclar Duo lol. Wondering how I didn't notice "Vanity Corner" on your header - I thought it was Dream Dust!

  2. I recently changed it :D Going to have a blog make over hopefully soon hehe

  3. I use disposable mascara wands to clean under my nails actually, I know it sounds weird but if I want to keep my nails longer I want to make sure it's squeaky clean underneath!

  4. I would love to try out that lip stain!

  5. woah this box was really worth it! i looove the lip stain ^_^

  6. It literally feels like you're using a normal marker pen to colour your lips O__O (not saying I've tried that before).

  7. LOL that sounds... interesting xD


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