Friday, 24 May 2013

May 2013 - Lust Have It

Hey lovelies! Hope you're having a wonderful start to the weekend despite the dreary weather if you're in Sydney. Today I finally had time to pick up my LHI from the post office, which arrived on Tuesday. Before receiving my box I was quite anxious as to which box I would be receiving as this month seemed quite meh...

So lets get started!

Mik@vonk - Auto Eyebrow Pencil
Full size - RRP $10
I received this in 04 Dark Grey which is perfect for my eyebrows. It's a twist top eyebrow pencil with a spooly on the other end and it is very similar to my The Face Shop - Design My Eyebrows pencil. Strangely it was also made in Korea.

The Natural Source - Camouflage Colour Lipgloss
Full size - 15ml RRP $12.95
I am so sick of seeing this brand from LHI for the third time this year. I hate lip glosses and I really hate this lip gloss. Not only is it super sticky but it smells like plastic... not delicious at all. I'm glad this didn't explode on me like others.

Seacret - Body Lotion - Ocean Mist
Full size - 100ml RRP $25
Perfect time to receive a body lotion seeing as my skin is starting to dry. It's non-greasy and fast absorbing, which is one of the most important things I look for in a lotion. Not sure whether it really matters if it contains dead sea minerals and I most likely wouldn't buy it for $25.

Paula's Choice - Clear Exfoliating Solution
30ml sample - 118ml RRP $38
Claims to prevent breakout and fade red marks, and unclog and shrink enlarged pores. I am actually planning on purchasing a new exfoliator so I might give this a try for its claims.

Tigi - Elasticate AND Recharge; Shampoo & Conditioner
10ml sachet samples each - RRP $25 each
Absolutely hate sachet samples but I will let it slide since my hair has been feeling disgusting lately. Elasticate clams to transform weak hair for elastic strength, and Recharge is for dull, lifeless hair.

Nicole by OPI - 2x Mini Hit Makers
3.75ml each - RRP $18.95 for a pack of 4
These bottles are so tiny!!! I already have shades similar to these in my collection but they're so cute to look at.

Despite this being one of the better products, I believe, I'm not entirely over the moon. I don't think LHI is lifting up their game when they say they're going to deliver more full sized items, more premium brands, more international brands, and more VIP benefits.

What are your thoughts on this month's box?


  1. It's actually quite a good box with varying items! I would say it's not SO great, but it's better than most boxes I've seen :)

  2. Much better than the box I received but LHI are falling short on all the promises they made when they increased their prices. I won't be renewing once my subscription ends in August.

    Jav xx

  3. Oooh interesting, I have never seen nicole opi minis!
    The brow pencil looks awesome; grey looks awesome on asians :)

  4. That nail polish is so tiny~ I really like the purple one very pretty! I'm not a big fan of lip glosses too, it just feel sticky and thick, and even worse when they smell bad! D:

  5. MyBeautyJunction25 May 2013 at 04:11

    I like the sound of a clear solution that exfoliates and the eyebrow pencil looks pretty! Not a fan of the sachets or the lip gloss. The latter should be avoided by all humans.

  6. That eyebrow pencil looks so pretty!

    I love the color of those purple polishes!!

  7. i love the nail polish samples XD this box didn't seem too great this time though :c i hope next month's doesn't have a lip gloss! C:

  8. Not a bad selection! I'm super curious about the Paula's Choice Clear Exfoliator- sounds right up my alley! xo

  9. I'm not sure nail polish is really worth it for that kind of box...hmmm but I hope you enjoyed your box!

  10. I agree, the content is quite okay but I'm not entirely overjoyed. It's not the worst box I've received though.

  11. I agree, I probably won't be resubscribing or possibly just resubscribe monthly since it's so expensive for an annual membership now. Furthermore, you can't even cancel it.

  12. The bottles are so cute!! And I agree, grey matches so well :D

  13. I know!! You can get sachet samples anywhere and it's not worthy of value in a beauty box.

  14. I loveee the purple one, it's my favourite colour :D I'm probably the biggest hater of anything sticky and thick, especially lip glosses. This one is like the epitome of a bad lip gloss.

  15. You and your hatred against sachets LOL.

  16. I hope there won't be any lip glosses next month either.

  17. The product does sound quite promising.

  18. I'd be quite happy to receive nail polish in my boxes except maybe if they were a bigger size :S

  19. I think you actually received a pretty good when compared to mine. I would have loved to received the eyebrow pencil!

  20. a lovely boxful and beauty goodies! love the eyebrow pencil, nail polishes and tigi bedhead :)


  21. My house mate subscribes to this box, she received the same purple nail polish in her May box "last year". It's a lovely colour but it seems that LHI are trying to use up their old stock. Also, she received the same paw paw ointment in this months box, but had already received it in last months (April) Bellabox lol

  22. Haha going to read what you received now!

  23. Haven't tried the Tigi products but that will be interesting!

  24. I was questioning myself whether the nail polishes were sent in a previous box before since I've read some posts a while ago but I wasn't sure. Also, the products do sometimes overlap between the two and it's inevitable. Your housemate must've hated her LHI box this month!

  25. Madara Lieciniece26 May 2013 at 19:53

    I really like those nail polishes! Those colors are very pretty! :0

    If you want you can participate in a giveaway on my blog! :)

  26. Oh wow I love everything you got.. I wish we had this box here in the UK, I'd use everything you've shown xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  27. Ohh I think overall the box is quite packed
    with goodies and yeah, I think more full sized
    or atleast travelsize ones would be better.

    You can get satchel samples at stores as well
    for free! Xx


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