Thursday, 11 April 2013

Essence - Nude Glam Polishes

A few weeks ago Jac from Matilly's This and That recommended me to try the Nude Glam range by Essence which are $2.75 each. Being the stingy person I am, I knew I had to try them out as I can never pass up great quality items at a cheap price. This is the second time I have tried Essence polishes (you can read my first time here) and I am once again very impressed!

I don't have many neutral shades in my collection so I thought it was about time I purchased them in prep for winter. There were only a limited number of shades available so I ended up purchasing 02 Iced Strawberry Cream and 05 Cafe Ole.

Cotton Candy is a pale baby pink with very, very fine silver and pink shimmer to give a frosty finish. It also looks very shiny and glossy, sort of giving it a gel-like look. There is very minimal streaking which is not noticeable from afar but the colour payoff is excellent. The polish looks opaque after one coat but I applied two coats to sort of intensify the colour. The consistency of the formula isn't runny nor too thick and applies on like dream. I wore this for five days and there are no signs of chipping and I believe it would have lasted a couple of more days as well if I didn't decide to change the colour.

Cafe Ole is a milky light brown with a tinge of grey and there's a hint of shimmer but it's barely noticeable. The finished look is more creamy in comparison to Cotton Candy and it's slightly more sheer though the first coat is still opaque. I applied a second coat for a more opaque look and, like Cotton Candy, the consistency of the formula is great.

What I love most is how the brush is big and fans out nicely allowing easier and faster application. It reminds me of the Sally Hansen brushes but a bit smaller. Furthermore there's only 8ml and I prefer smaller bottles so I can play around with more colours than having a couple of dozen unfinished large bottles.

What I dislike is the drying time. When I first painted them I didn't use a topcoat and they looked and felt dry, and didn't even smudge when I was showering. However the next morning when I woke up there were marks on them! I really don't understand how that's possible. Regardless, I will definitely try more polishes from Essence because they're great quality for a really cheap price.

What are some of your favourite shades from Essence?


  1. How frustrating is it when you've painted your nails and they get little marks?!drives me up the wall.both these shades are gorgeous though & such bargains too xxx

  2. These colours are really nice, shame about the drying time! x

  3. i really like the colours <3
    just keep missing old packagings tho. :)


  4. those are absolutely stunning shades! fulfilling for my current nude addiction.

  5. we have both same experience with the marks! hahaha. i like the drying time of it, but it lasts 1 day only for me. >_< my nails get chipped the next day.


  6. These colours are pretty ^^
    I hate when my polishes get smudged after I go to bed - it drives me crazy. But I guess these Essence polishes are still worth it!

  7. I have got one of the nude series called 'peach & cream'. I actually really like it, I just think it is a bit too light, so I always use it as a top coat over a brighter coral, that makes the perfect shade for me :)

  8. Cotton candy looks lovely! What a shame about the marks all over them though. I usually use sechevite on top and it dries within a minute!

  9. I love these polishes thanks for mentioning me. I really like the shape of the bottles and your right about the brush, I prefer the wide brushes. Not bad for the price at all.

    Those shades look great on you :o)

    Jac x0x

  10. It's so weird following you from this side of the globe because we rarely have the same products... so the reviews don't really apply that much. But the photos are beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous shades!

    From your newest follower.

    Love Lucee xx

  12. The 'cotton candy' is a very
    beautiful color! I don't like
    the drying time and mainly
    the reason why I don't wear
    nailpolishes alot!


  13. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:
    I'm having a giveaway now btw! come visit my blog! <3

  14. I love Essence polishes! I recently got Let's Get Lost and loved it :)

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

  15. i love these colours! they're so 'pure' LOL xD new follower! your blog is lovely :)


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