Thursday, 25 April 2013

April Wishlist

Hey everyone! This month there weren't that many products that were screaming out "BUY ME!!" or appealed to me that much. However there were some that did tickle my fancy which are

  1. Ciate - Chalkboard Manicure
  2. Chanel Le Vernis - L'ete Papilon de Chanel Collection
  3. Rimmel - Apocalips Lip Lacquer
  4. Samsung - Galaxy S4
  5. Etude House - Water Color Blusher
  6. Etude House - Correct & Care CC Cream 8 in 1
  7. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter
Ciate has done it again with a new creative manicure, taking you back to those childhood days where we would take every opportunity to draw ridiculous things on the chalkboard. I absolutely can't wait to grab my hands on these chalkboard nails and start getting creative. 

Chanel has also released some amazing new shades for the Summer 2013 collection. Azure (left) is such a gorgeous teal duochrome and caught my attention the most! I urge you to Google for swatches.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is also being released this Saturday in Australia for $899! As I am a huge lover of new tech gadgets, I would love to play around with this to see what all the hype is about. I already own the Galaxy S3 and absolutely love it - I prefer Androids over iPhones. However this baby is way out of my league so I'm wishing for my birthday to come sooner as that's when my phone contract ends.

CC Creams is currently the latest or newest thing in the Asian and Western markets. They are believed to be the next best thing after BB creams with improved qualities. After trying my Tony Moly CC Cream (which I will review hopefully very soon), my verdict is they are definitely not the same. Etude House's CC Cream is next on my list of CC creams to try.

So what's on your wish list for this month? :)


  1. I had to google CC creams! Do review yours asap! And I caved in to the Apocalips temptation and they're every bit as good as people say.
    My international giveaway

  2. I'm an Android user too I've always been anti iPhone don't know why but I've hated the idea of owning one. I'm definitely going to get the S4 when my contract ends which is the late this year. once the hype of the phone dies down a bit I'm going to see if I can switch my contract over sooner :) the Etude products look amazing

  3. Great wishlist, i really want to try cc creams, please do a review if you pick one up! x

  4. Great list! As you know, I'm also lusting after those Chanel polishes and I'm totally wanting to pick up the new Lip Butter summer shades. And those Etude House blushes look so pretty! xo


  5. Great list! As you know, I'm also lusting after those Chanel polishes and I'm totally wanting to pick up the new Lip Butter summer shades. And those Etude House blushes look so pretty! xo

  6. I love this list i want them all, what website do you use to make your wish list

  7. The Chanel polishes are so pretty aren't they?! I have yet to try any Revlon Lip Butters since they are pretty pricey in Australia - $20! Eeep :(

  8. I use Photoshop to create my wish list! :)

  9. The Chanel polishes are gorgeous! I love the Apocalips, I have them in three colors :)

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

  10. Ever since I discovered CC creams a few days ago, all I'm thinking about is which one I should buy! Haha!

  11. chalkboard nails sound great and i want the etude house water color blushers sooo bad >.<

  12. Love the Apocalips Lacquers :o)

    Jac x0x

  13. I am dying to try the Ciate chalkboard manicure xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  14. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog.
    Most of the products on your wishlist are exactly what I have my eyes on at the moment!
    Been meaning to try Rimmel's Apocalips for a while now but haven't seen them in Australia yet :(

  15. great!! i love that ;)

    If you have time come to say hello also on my blog, it would be great :)

    Have a nice day


  16. They really are! I can't wait to try the Apocalips, ordered three last night on ASOS :D

  17. Go for the Korean ones, they're usually better than Western products. I'm no expert but I recommend theTony Moly Luminous Pure Aqua CC cream, which is the one I'm using! :)

  18. I am lusting over those chalkboard nails. The blushers look quite interesting, don't they?

  19. I want to try them! Ordered some last night on ASOS :D

  20. Hi Carmen, thanks for dropping by! :D
    Hahaha great minds think alike? ;) You can purchase the Apocalips on ASOS which are currently on sale for around $7! Free shipping too ~

  21. Haha they sure do :P
    OMGOSH. Thanks for the heads up. Will be checking it out now!

  22. Omg the technology of nailpolish and nailart: chalkboard nailart?!
    That's crazy :P and cute idea I think!


  23. I've always wanted to try the ciate nail polishes, their packaging is so cute! Ohh, and those etude products look interesting, particularly those water colour blushes! As a coveted fan of bb creams, I'm also rather curious as to how these CC creams would work out. Looking forward to reading your review of the Tony Moly one! This month I didnt end up geting much on my wishlist, although I did cave and bought the real techniques brushes. Cannot wait until they arrive, hehe. I love your blog babe! :) x

  24. Thanks for the lovely comment and the follow! x

    I have never tried Ciate polishes either but these chalkboard nails are probably a must! With CC creams, I find that the coverage is very light and it's great for those who want a very natural "no make up" look. Oh and you definitely won't regret those Real Techniques brushes!

  25. With Love, Tiffany27 April 2013 at 19:36

    I would definitely want to try the Etude House Water Color Blushers! The concept just sounds really cool and artsy. And the Etude House CC cream too, I don't know too much about CC creams so I'm looking forward to your review on that :)

    And the lip butters are amazing, I highly recommend Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie <3

  26. great pick of products! love the colors of the nailpolish

  27. Indeed it is! Very innovative and would sell so well.


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