Thursday, 18 April 2013

April Her Fashion Box - Classic

This month I decided to change my Her Fashion Box from trendy to classic. For those who don't know, Her Fashion Box is a newly started fashion and beauty box. Each month you receive 5-6 deluxe samples or full sized items for $40 including shipping. For the unboxing of their first box you can read my post here.

I will quickly go through the items I received this month as I need to study for my exam tomorrow, eek!

Like usual, I received their Her Fashion Magazine which details the items we received in our box this month along with some tips on how to use the products. Each member also received an invitation to the Sydney Fashion Weekend held on 16th - 19th May. The invitation only allows you to attend either on Friday 17th May 12 - 9PM or Sunday 19th May 10AM - 5PM. For an extra $20 you can upgrade your ticket to include a catwalk show.

Her Fashion Box Cuff - Classic (RRP $39.95)
I'm not excited about this accessory and honestly don't believe it retails for $39.95. It looks plain, cheap, and it doesn't even fit my wrist! This is a Her Fashion Box product and I believe they just slapped on any price to increase the "value" of the box. Honestly, you can purchase the exact same item for the a few dollars. If they're going to give out wrist cuffs, they should take into consideration that everyone's wrists are different sizes.

EDIT: The cuff can be adjusted however I do believe it will eventually break and go out of shape if you have small wrists like me and need to readjust every time. Also it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking nice and polished due to fingerprints.

Bondi Sands - Self Tanning Foam (Full size - 200ml RRP $19.95)
Bondi Sands - Tanning Mitt (Full size - RRP $9.95)
I received the self tanning foam in a light / medium. I don't use self tanning products so this is another useless product to me. I still have a full sized bottle of self tan which I received in my LHI box two months ago. Also, I'm sure not many people would be self tanning much during the autumn / winter as everyone will be starting to layer up. 

Schick - Hydro Silk Razor (Full size - RRP $10.00)
Probably the most useful product for me in the entire box. It includes one razor and one cartridge though the cartridge can be disposed of and replaced. A pack of 5 cartridge refill costs $19.25 which I don't know whether is expensive or not since I prefer waxing. I believe this is quite an odd product to include and believe it's more suitable after winter as women tend to cover up and hide their legs etc.

Model Co - Lip Duo Lipstick and Lip Gloss (Full size - RRP $24.00)
I received this in nude shade and it barely shows up when I swatch on my arm, let alone my lips. A side mirror is attached to assist in application however the lipstick bullet and lip gloss applicator is also attached to it, therefore the mirror is useless. The lip gloss smells quite nice though I don't know how to describe it. Sadly I most likely won't be using this as the colour payoff is poor. And in addition, a lip gloss was also included last month so a change would have been nice.

Model Co - Eyedefine Eye Pencil (Full size - RRP $26.00)
This is supposedly a non-drying and densely pigmented formula and I quote "the formula stays soft for blending for about 30 seconds and then dries to a smudge proof finish". With some minor rubbing a few minutes later, this liner smudges like crazy. Definitely not worth the price and worst performing eyeliner I own.

Redken - All Soft Argan-6 Oil (30ml sample - 90ml RRP $29.00)
Her Fashion Box included this item as a token of appreciation for being one of the first to subscribe. I've heard many great things about using argan oil for treating your hair, especially on split ends. This product claims to moisturise, protect, smooth, illuminate, soften and recondition your hair. I don't know if there's anything special about this but I should probably use my Josie Maran argan oil first before proceeding to use this.

Overall I'm not satisfied and honestly would not have spent $40 for these products despite being full sized products. The quality does not justify for the unreasonable retail price and Her Fashion Box should take more time thinking about what products to include. For a "fashion box" they should include more fashion items than beauty products as there are specialised beauty box subscriptions already available. I will probably give Her Fashion Box another month before considering unsubscribing as I really can't afford to spend $40 on products I won't use.

What are your thoughts on this months products? Did you like your box?


  1. I read on someone's blog that the cuff can be adjusted!

    Being quite poor after all that nail polish hauling I've been doing, I havent been able to afford the box, but I'd have picked the feminine one! I quite like that bracelet!

    I'm also not a big fan of tanning products because I'm just so lazy! I think my fav item in your box is the Argan oil! I'm always on the lookout for oils that can take the frizz and hay-like texture out of my chemically-damaged ends.

    1. Oooo just tried adjusting the cuff! However if I keep taking it on and off I'm sure the cuff will eventually break given my small wrist... Thanks for letting me know! But I totally agree with how pretty the feminine cuff looks.

  2. I agree with everything you said, and I cancelled my subscription... I didn't even get the redken oil!

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  4. I like the cuff..

  5. Oh I have heard good things about the model. co lip duo!

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  7. I put an update in my post about this box... someone showed me a pack that contains the Model Co products and more for only $12.50!

    1. Thanks for sharing! That is quite deceiving...

  8. I would have loved this box! It looks amazing, and love the items inside xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. ooooo thanks for sharing!

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  11. If I got this box, I'd love the cuff but be... kinda displeased with everything else. I have the same issues with jewellery though... my wrists are so tiny, and things are usually not adjustable...

  12. Hmmm I wouldn't be happy with that box either! I wouldn't expect a razor in something that's meant to be a fashion box. I hope the next box is better but given the significant drop in quality between box 1 & 2 I'd be cautious about keeping up a subscription. Good luck!


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