Monday, 29 April 2013

What's your story?

Hey everyone! This post is going to be quite personal and I'm a bit hesitant about sharing it but I'm feeling a bit down at the moment.

If you have been watching YouTube lately, you may have come across "Draw My Life" videos where YouTubers share their life story through drawing pictures. As we don't personally know these people, some may get the impression that they may have been a pretty cool, outgoing, 'popular' person back in high school or something. However after watching them you realise that they weren't all that different from some of us as well. We may know their name but we don't know their story.

From the Draw My Life videos that I have seen (Nigahiga, Bubzbeauty, Michelle Phan etc.) it struck me that at one point in time, they used to be bullied or experienced the lowest moment in their life at a young age. Although I don't know what age group the majority of my readers are but the purpose of me writing this is to convey - if you ever feel alone or alienated, like no one understands, know that you are not alone. There will always be someone who will offer you a helping hand.

Another factor that influenced me to write this is coming across my high school English assignments and reading all the things I wrote. There was one poem in my assignment that particularly struck me the most which I will share (please don't judge the thirteen year old me) -

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ocean Essence - Platinum Silver Face Mask

Hi lovelies!

First off I'd like to let everyone know that iHerb is having a 20% off sale on the entire collection of Real Techniques ending 1st May. Also, you can use the code "SRH847" before checkout for up to $10 off your first order for new customers. I took this opportunity to purchase their stippling brush, which has been highly raved about. Thank you Lisa from Winter Love Milk Tea for sharing this offer!

If you have read my April Lust Have It post, you would know one of the products I received was an Ocean Essence face mask. I rarely use face masks since I simply can't be bothered or don't have the time. The only face masks I've ever used by My Beauty Diary, which is a really popular Taiwanese brand for their skincare products that smell divine and look super kawaii.

My Beauty Diary - Earl Grey Tea & Macaron
[cr: Sasa]

Friday, 26 April 2013

April 2013 - Lust Have It

Hey ladies! How are you doing? If you haven't noticed I made some adjustments to my layout while I was fiddling around with the width. One thing led to another, then BAM... I ended up changing pretty much everything. Any feedback would be very much appreciated :) I'm not sure if it's a glitch but I've noticed there are some people who are still able to comment using Blogger while I installed Disqus??? Can someone please tell me how you're doing that, thanks.

Once again I am a bit delayed in sharing my monthly Lust Have It box. The postie carded my parcel on Monday but I wasn't able to pick it up until today - I hate having to pick up my parcels, why can't the postie just buzz my number and deliver it?!

This month's box wasn't anything too spectacular but everything but one was full sized! Great thing is I will definitely end up using all the products in this box which I believe is a first. LHI had three sneak peeks on their Facebook page but I did not receive any of those products - why LHI, WHY!

So which products did I end up receiving?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

April Wishlist

Hey everyone! This month there weren't that many products that were screaming out "BUY ME!!" or appealed to me that much. However there were some that did tickle my fancy which are

  1. Ciate - Chalkboard Manicure
  2. Chanel Le Vernis - L'ete Papilon de Chanel Collection
  3. Rimmel - Apocalips Lip Lacquer
  4. Samsung - Galaxy S4
  5. Etude House - Water Color Blusher
  6. Etude House - Correct & Care CC Cream 8 in 1
  7. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter
Ciate has done it again with a new creative manicure, taking you back to those childhood days where we would take every opportunity to draw ridiculous things on the chalkboard. I absolutely can't wait to grab my hands on these chalkboard nails and start getting creative. 

Chanel has also released some amazing new shades for the Summer 2013 collection. Azure (left) is such a gorgeous teal duochrome and caught my attention the most! I urge you to Google for swatches.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is also being released this Saturday in Australia for $899! As I am a huge lover of new tech gadgets, I would love to play around with this to see what all the hype is about. I already own the Galaxy S3 and absolutely love it - I prefer Androids over iPhones. However this baby is way out of my league so I'm wishing for my birthday to come sooner as that's when my phone contract ends.

CC Creams is currently the latest or newest thing in the Asian and Western markets. They are believed to be the next best thing after BB creams with improved qualities. After trying my Tony Moly CC Cream (which I will review hopefully very soon), my verdict is they are definitely not the same. Etude House's CC Cream is next on my list of CC creams to try.

So what's on your wish list for this month? :)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

MUA - Nail Varnish

Many of you would know that I am quite a nail polish addict and anything cheap will tickle my fancy. When I saw that the MUA nail varnishes were only £1, I immediately added some colours to my shopping cart. Who could resist? The colours I chose were khaki (shade 23), lilac (shade 24), and white (all nude).

So how well do they actually perform?

MUA - Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

As promised I have finally gotten around to swatching something from my MUA haul, the first item being the MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette. MUA's Undressed palettes are infamous for being one of the closest dupes for the relatively expensive Urban Decay Naked palettes. If you're not a frequent eyeshadow user like me then this will be a great investment and worth every penny in comparison to the Urban Decay palettes. I apologise in advance for the poor lighting conditions in my photos.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Etude House - Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails

Hey ladies! Apologies for my lack of posts and being unable to swatch the products from my MUA haul. This week I had an exam to study for, IQON (hardstyle music festival), and was out with some friends for the whole day. I will try to get some swatches up tomorrow when I have good lighting to take better photos but for now I will share a prize which I won a few weeks ago.

Elisa from Memorable Days co-hosted a giveaway with Cosmetic Love and the prize was an Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails which includes three really glittery polishes to create a gradient look. This is the first giveaway I've ever won so I was super excited when I found out and when I received the parcel since I forgot about it.

The polishes in this set include:
1. Base: Glam Pearl
2. Middle: Sparkling Silver
3. Top: Bling Bling Rose

Thursday, 18 April 2013

April Her Fashion Box - Classic

This month I decided to change my Her Fashion Box from trendy to classic. For those who don't know, Her Fashion Box is a newly started fashion and beauty box. Each month you receive 5-6 deluxe samples or full sized items for $40 including shipping. For the unboxing of their first box you can read my post here.

I will quickly go through the items I received this month as I need to study for my exam tomorrow, eek!

Like usual, I received their Her Fashion Magazine which details the items we received in our box this month along with some tips on how to use the products. Each member also received an invitation to the Sydney Fashion Weekend held on 16th - 19th May. The invitation only allows you to attend either on Friday 17th May 12 - 9PM or Sunday 19th May 10AM - 5PM. For an extra $20 you can upgrade your ticket to include a catwalk show.

Winner of 100 followers giveaway!

Yesterday my 100 followers giveaway finally ended and I am amazed at the number of entrants - you people must be dying to try out the Urban Decay palettes. Sadly there can only be one winner however I am sure this person will absolutely love this.

 Also, once again, thank you all for your lovely support over the past three months (?). I honestly would not have thought I would reach 100 followers and people would actually read my posts. It really makes my day reading every single comment and seeing new followers - I love you all! As I am swamped with uni work at the moment, I will eventually check out everyone's blogs when I have the time since I'm always looking for new, interesting blogs to follow :) 

And finally - time to announce the winner!

 And the winner is …

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Australis - Curved Ink Eyeliner

When Australis released their new Curved Ink Eyeliner I was very eager to buy and test it out as I was very intrigued by the interesting product design. Not only that, I am always looking for different types of eyeliners to make my life easier. The curved shape is to fit nicely between your index finger and thumb to allow for better grip and precision in achieving the perfect cat eye look. It is available at Priceline for $14.95 though I think Priceline is currently having a 20% off the Australis range.

An ergonomically designed curve grip liquid eyeliner that makes applying eyeliner mistake proof for those eyeliner beginners! Formula is quick drying and water resistant which means no smudging. Provides intense colour payoff for bond one stroke intensity and is super long wearing meaning there's no need to reapply.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

MUA Haul

A few weeks ago I placed an order on MUA as they were having a 50% sale on selected items so I decided to place an order after putting it off for a long time. I have never tried any MUA products before but the one which I wanted to try most was their Undressed Me palette. Honestly, who could resist make up products at such an affordable price?

Date ordered: 29 / 03
Date despatched: N/A
Date received: 08 / 04

My parcel came in a large yellow envelope and all my products were individually bubble wrapped. The total was £21.50 plus £7.50 shipping, which is approximately $44.15 AUD. For 10 products that would average around $4.40 each and you will rarely find products for that cheap in Australia. Even an Urban Decay Naked palette costs more than my whole order...

Anyways, the products which I purchased are:

  • Nail Varnish in All Nude, Khaki, and Lilac (swatches here)
  • Trio Eyeshadows in Theatrics, and Legendary
  • Mosaic Blusher English Rose
  • Shimmer Kiss Blusher in Pink Shimmer Kisses
  • Brow Kit
  • The Artiste Collection palette
  • 12 Shade Undressed Palette (swatches here)
After received my parcel I realised I bought a "lot" of eyeshadows for a person who doesn't wear eyeshadow... therefore I need to start learning how to apply eyeshadow on properly, aahhhh. It was quite unexpected when my parcel arrived as I did not receive any notification whatsoever but glad it came quite quickly.

Have you tried any MUA products before and what is your favourite item?

Hopefully I can review and swatch most of my products soon as I have quite a lot but no time. I've been too busy watching IRIS 2 if anyone watches Korean dramas and doing my assessments at the same time. Have a lovely weekend lovelies!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Essence - Nude Glam Polishes

A few weeks ago Jac from Matilly's This and That recommended me to try the Nude Glam range by Essence which are $2.75 each. Being the stingy person I am, I knew I had to try them out as I can never pass up great quality items at a cheap price. This is the second time I have tried Essence polishes (you can read my first time here) and I am once again very impressed!

I don't have many neutral shades in my collection so I thought it was about time I purchased them in prep for winter. There were only a limited number of shades available so I ended up purchasing 02 Iced Strawberry Cream and 05 Cafe Ole.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Australis - Pout Paste

Ever since reading Tram from Beauty with the Beautifool's post on this lip product I immediately knew I wanted to try them. They have been labelled as dupes of the OCC Lip Tars and seeing as I've never tried them before and they're raved about so much, I decided to purchase these to see what the hype is about.

If you're like me and wondering what a lip tar / pout paste is, here is your answer: it's not solid and creamy like a lipstick and yet too pigmented to be a lipgloss. If a lipstick and lipgloss were to have an offspring, this would be their child. Richly pigmented like a lipstick but applies and feels like a lipgloss. The technical name for such a product is "glossy stain"... I think.

Australis currently offers the pout paste in three different shades: Love Bites, Berry Nice Kiss, and Pash Me Pink. I purchased the latter two since I don't have amazing pearly white teeth to match with red lips. Regardless I am in love with the two shades I picked up from Priceline which are available for $12.95.

The packaging is a very simple plastic tube similar to the OCC Lip Tars. You apply the product in the same way with the provided sponge applicator which helps with application for a cleaner, more defined look.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Skinmiso - Pore Beauty Nose Pack

Hey everyone! Just a very short reminder that my 100 followers Urban Decay giveaway is ending next Wednesday 10th April so be sure to enter ASAP for a chance to win :)

Now onto my usual post ~

When I first subscribed to Bellabox I was introduced to the brand Skinmiso, a Korean skincare cosmetic company. My box included a sample of their nose pore strip which is unlike many others that I have tried. With most nose strips that I've tried, you simply wet your nose a bit to allow the strip to adhere to your nose and after a few minutes you remove it. You would often stare at the mask in interest and disgust when you see all the gunk that has just been removed.

The Skinmiso nose pore strips require three steps and a little more time consuming than others. In each pack you receive 10 sheets of Step1, 10 sheets of Step2 and a 15ml Pore Beauty Silky Essence. After using the sample I received in my Bellabox, I was astounded at how clear my nose looked and I literally could not see my pores.
Make your nose perfectly smooth and clean with the skinmiso pore beauty nose pack. Use the 3 step system for clearing and minimising pores and controlling oil effectively around your nose.
1STEP Remove blackheads and whiteheads with its plant extracts.
2STEP Contract pores with its witch hazel extract and keep skin moisturising with its patented materials.
3STEP Control sebum and gloss, absorb oil and keep your skin silky and dry.

Steps one and two both require 10 minutes each therefore you should apply this when you have time for best results however if you experience pain, remove the mask immediately or timing.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Around two weeks ago I was reading a post by Lily on What I Heart Today and gave me an idea to decorate my boyfriend's room. As my boyfriend's wall is randomly covered with posters from music festivals, I decided to order prints of my instagram photos of us and stick them on his wall.

Though I haven't had the chance to place the photos on the wall, I wanted to share with everyone my experience with! They are an instagram photo printing company based in California and there are several products available for you to select such as calendars, framed pictures, and posters.

Date ordered: 23 / 03
Order despatched: 29 / 03
Date received: 03 / 04

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Etude House - Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Liner

Are you sick of eating or seeing chocolate everywhere due to Easter? Well I have a very different and cute chocolate to share with everyone, but sadly it's not edible. I think I am going through a Korean beauty product phase and purchasing products based purely on their cute packaging.

As part of their Sweet Recipe range, Etude House released two gel eyeliners in the form of chocolate! It comes in a small plastic box and the eyeliner itself is of a heart shaped chocolate. Etude House also added a paper wrap to make the whole chocolate idea more realistic.

There are two shades available: 01 Dark Choco Brown and 02 Milk Choco Brown. I purchased Milk Choco Brown from Koreadepart for $5.97 which is reasonably cheap for an eyeliner of high quality. I already own a dark brown gel liner and it leans more towards black so I opted for a lighter brown shade to create a softer and more natural look.

So where is the actual liner you may ask?