Friday, 29 March 2013

March Wish list

Happy Easter everyone!

I honestly can't believe it's almost the end of March now meaning we are officially a quarter into the year! From February's wish list I have actually bought some items that I was really eager to try or wanted but there are some items not so much anymore. I'm the kind of person who if they like something, they will buy it - no questions asked. Whenever someone asks me what I want for my birthday, I really don't know how to answer them since I would have bought the things already or are just too expensive. However now that I have no source of income, my wish list will be forever growing. :(

Since my last wish list post, here are a few items that I've been wanting to try and buy!

MUA - Undress Me Palette
Benefit Cosmetics - Fine One One
Lancome - Blush In Love
Lancome - Baume In Love
Australis - Curve Liquid Eyeliner
Australis - Pout Paste
Sportsgirl - Comic Relief Beanie
Topshop - Knitted Applique Panda Jumper

I want more beanies and knitwear in general as I want to prepare my wardrobe for winter. Although it's Autumn right now in Sydney, the weather has been unbelievably hot these past couple of days (not that I'm complaining). 

There are a few other items I've been lusting over but these are the ones that are currently off the top of my head!

What's on your wish list at the moment?

Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend everyone! :)


  1. I love the Panda jumper, can you get TopShop in Oz?

    Jac x0x

    1. There's a Topshop in Sydney and Melbourne. Other than that, you have to purchase online - direct from the UK

  2. aww, i hope you find a job soon! and the blush looks soo cute *___*

  3. I want to try out that new Benefit stick highlighter/blush. When I;m at MYER next week i'm gonna go and try it out xx

  4. MUA currently have 1 pound off the undressed & the undress me too palette! perfect timing as its on your wishlist haha

    ♥ M & L

    1. I know!! I've been putting it off for a while but I finally decided to place an order last night.

  5. I really love the panda jumper it's too cute!! It started being cold in Melbourne after a heat wave!!
    The Lancôme blush looks good, have you tried it?

    1. No I haven't tried the blush yet but I really want to!

  6. love your blog! keep it up!

    i just did an outfit post :) what do you think about it?

    i would appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

  7. I recently got the MUA palette and it's so worth the hype. The quality is great especially for the price which is insanely low! Great post :)

  8. Great list! Fine-One-One is sooo on my wishlist too. Looks so perfect for spring! And that panda sweater is adorable :)


  9. Its crazy how similar our wish lists are! That MUA palette looks sooooo gorg. I just wish they were sold in the US!

    Rebecca Strutt


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