Sunday, 17 February 2013

Winner of giveaway and Tony Moly - Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

Guess what day it is everyone! It's the day my giveaway ends! Today I will be announcing the lucky winner so fingers crossed that that lucky person is you! I will also be reviewing Tony Moly's Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm from my Korea Depart haul. If you've ever wanted a golden egg as a primer, then look no further! Koreans always find a way to attract customers to buy their products through quirky and cute packaging.

Now to announce the lucky winner of my giveaway!

*drum rolls* 

Rena M!

Congratulations Rena, you are the chosen one! I have contacted you via email already so please be sure to respond ASAP! If you fail to reply within 48 hours, a new winner will be reselected so check your email!! :D

If you missed out, don't worry! I will run another giveaway sometime soon so keep an eye out ;)

For the past week or two I've been trying Tony Moly's Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm as a primer and I must say I love it! When I opened my parcel when I first receieved it, there was a lovely citrus scent due to my golden egg being slightly open. The scent is very subtle and pleasant (if you like citrus scents) and you won't notice it once you it is applied.

It may be a bit unpleasant to look at - kind of like creamy egg white, but mine was mushed from delivery making it look even more unpleasant. Putting that aside it applies translucently on the face and does make my pores appear smaller but it's not a big difference. However as this is silicon-based, continuous usage will clog up your pores so be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly and let your face rest for a day or two.

Once applied your face will literally be silky smooth, making your face a perfect canvas to apply your foundation or even bb cream. When I first tried it I was like to my boyfriend "Feel my face, feel my face!!!" and he was wowed at how smooth my face felt. I haven't tried the primer with a powder foundation so I don't know if the result will be the same but when I applied my bb cream after, my boyfriend said my face looked "flawless and natural" like I don't have any make up on.

I found that this primer made my make up last the whole day, with minimal touch up even though I have oily skin. When I didn't apply the primer, my face became oily earlier and needed a bit of touching up.

The downside is you have to use your fingers to use the product which is unhygienic. As an alternative you may use a small spoon or something instead to scoop out the product. There are two other products from Tony Moly's Egg Pore collection - one to remove blackheads and the other to tighten your pores - and you are supposed to use the products together.

When you are finished with the product you can reuse it as a pencil holder if you wish. Tony Moly suggests that you can also use it to grow a plant! Just crack open the top, remove the sticker from the bottom of the top half, add some seeds and what not and you're good to go!

This is the commercial for the Egg Pore Line and it's so freaking cute (don't worry if you don't understand Korean)!

Has anyone tried any of Tony Moly's products? Which products do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below as I'm planning to purchase more goodies to try.

Also, I'd like to say a quick thank you to all my followers and supporters out there! I wouldn't be here continuing to blog without you <3 I've also created a new Facebook page here and I would appreciate it so much if everyone liked this blog on Facebook as well! I'm still in the process of getting everything together but it'll look better soon :)


  1. Fangirling over how cute the packaging is! And I love how there are suggestions as to what you can do with the egg after all the product is gone. Ecological sustainability! I really need a new primer but I've got my eyes set on the Etude House Collagen Essence Toner. Maybe if the product doesn't work well for me, I'll try this one.

    Thanks for the review Louise!
    And congratulations to the winner!


    1. I want to try some of Etude House's products! I wish some Korean brands would follow the steps of Missha and The Face Shop open some stores in Australia but without the jacked up prices

  2. hahah such cute packaging!


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  4. That is really cute ! It reminds me of an EOS, but even cuter!

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  5. It really reminds me of an Eos! I love this so much (: Your blog is really cute xx
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  6. Lol about the commercial! :) It is cute!

    I'd have never thought of growing a plant in it - that's a very creative idea!

    Sarah @

  7. Ah! Can't believe it. This seriously just made my whole day! =)

  8. love the post ! totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in Korea

    I’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^

    oh and my friends always ask me where to get stuff and now there’s finally a website !


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