Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lancome - Rouge in Love

Lancome's Rouge in Love lipstick collection has been around for some time now. Last week I went to visit the Lancome counter at David Jones and picked up a new shade, which you might've already seen in a previous post, to add to my collection. I already own three other Rouge in Love lippies which were bought in Asia.

In Australia this retails for $45, but I don't remember how much it was in China as it was duty-free, came in a pack of three, and my parents paid for it.

The collection is categorised into three different moods:
  • Jolis Matins - for daytime wear; identified with the letter M
  • Boudoir Time - for cocktail hours; identified with the letter B
  • Tonight is my Night - for evening wear; identified with the letter N

Sorry for the bad photo!

The design looks very sleek and simple. The 'Rouge in Love' is printed in a mirrored square (hence the poor photo and reflection) and the Lancome branding is embossed at the bottom.

L-R: Corail in Love (132M), Rose St Honore (163B), Jolis Matins (230M), Midnight Rose (377N)

Artificial light L-R: 132M, 163B, 230M, 377N

Indoor shade lighting L-R: 377N, 230M, 163B, 132M

I must point out that all excluding Midnight Rose were bought in Asia so the number would be different from the ones in Australia etc.

Corail in Love (132M)
This is a soft coral-pink colour but the coral tone isn't as intense on my lips as it is when swatched on my arm.

Jolis Matins (230M)
This is a soft pink colour which is a great nude colour for me as it really matches my lip colour. The colour isn't as bright as Corail in Love but it still looks nice. Both shades are great to add a subtle hint of colour for a morning, everyday look

Rose St Honore (163B)
This colour is slightly more intense than the Jolis Matins day wear lipsticks with the added shimmer and redness. The shimmer isn't very noticeable from my photos but in person it's very subtle, not over the top. It's also a great shade for morning and everyday wear

Midnight Rose (377N)
This is a very bright and bold fuchsia - you can see me wearing it in this post. Great for nightwear but if you want your lips to stand out in the morning, I would recommend this shade. However please be careful as I found that it stains your skin; you might notice the stain on my arm...

The texture for all lipsticks is very creamy and applied smoothly on my lips. On the packaging it claims to be "high shine & color featherlight" and I must agree as the colours are shiny but not to the point where it looks like lip gloss and it feels very light. I'm not sure about the "6H wear" but it's definitely long lasting (especially my Midnight Rose lippie). It doesn't dry out my lips which is excellent because I tend to have really dry lips.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review! Let me know what you think :)
Have you tried any lipsticks from the Rouge in Love collection?

Disclaimer: product was purchased at my own expense. I have not been paid, sponsored or received any form of compensation for this review.


  1. these are pretty. i think my favorite are the first two.

  2. bonito blog =)

  3. I love the midnight rose the best :)
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  4. I really like Jolis Matins :) So pretty.

    The Style Rawr!

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  6. Great post! :)) Midnight Rose looks lovely! It's so beautiful! <33


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  8. Oooh I really like Midnight Rose! :) I haven't tried Lancôme lippies yet... When I next travel I'll have to check out duty free!

    Sarah @ x


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