Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OOTD - Romwe

Hey lovelies! I haven't done an outfit post in a while nor have I posted anything about my Romwe purchases as I promised so today is a combination of the two! I will be reviewing two items from my purchase as my other items are in the wash and haven't been able to take photos.

In my first Romwe order, I purchased three pairs of leggings and a floral sleeveless chiffon top.

Date ordered: 19 / 01 
Date dispatched: 23 / 01
Date received: 06 / 02

I originally thought that Romwe was based in China as I sometimes receive newsletters with Chinese but my items were shipped from Singapore. You are provided with a tracking number once dispatched and I could only track my item up until it left Singapore, which is useless. I didn't have any problems with my order though but there are a number of bad reviews out there on Google that I've read before placing my order but I'm glad everything went smoothly! 

Each item was packaged nicely in their own bag. There wasn't that brand new / factory smell that you sometimes get with clothing - am I being weird about the smell? And just a heads up, my boyfriend took these photos so if you don't like it - blame him! :D

Top - Romwe
Leggings - Romwe
Sandals - Tony Bianco

I was surprised at the quality of the leggings as I was expecting some really cheap and thing quality material. They're really comfortable to wear with some elasticity and feel silky smooth. The thickness is pretty average I guess but you still need to be careful what type of panties you're wearing or at least wear a top that covers your bum.

This is what happens when you don't cover your bum bum!

Some of the leggings come in three different sizes - S, M, and L. I'm wearing a size S (for reference, I am 170cm and wear size 8 Australian).

The floral top is also a size S and I am aware that the front is a bit short as I'm showing some skin :( It would've been better if they added another button or made it a tiny bit longer. It's semi sheer but since it's black, you can just wear a black bra if you want or a cami inside.

I want to be like the stars on my leggings!

This is how I look when I don't like my boyfriend's photography hehe

Hopefully I'll be able to review the other items soon!

Have you purchased from Romwe before and how was your experience? Have an enjoyable week my lovely readers!


  1. I took some good pictures :) - thought you said they were all ugly! and you even complained about seeing your belly! Looking good bubby

  2. i could never pull those galaxy things off, but you did it so well! i've been thinking about purchasing from romwe, but never made the jump. Glad to hear your experience went well though.

    1. Thanks! Romwe has some great pieces and usually stock runs out pretty quickly but they restock every day.

  3. Love those galaxy leggings!! And you look gorgeous!! Loved reading! :D



  4. loveeeee the galaxy leggings <333 so cool|!


  5. Haha I love your look in the last photo! I wish my legs were as long as yours! :(

  6. Awesome blog hun! I hope you like mine too! Come by sometime and let's follow each other ;)!


  7. I actually really like the top, even though it is a bit shorter in the front!

    x Gi

  8. I love the galaxy leggings, although could never pull them off as well as you! You have a fab figure, so long legs!

  9. Love your bold combination of prints, the cosmic print leggings are fabulous and your top is really pretty.

  10. those leggings are gorgeous!!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  11. wow what an incredible combination, but it looks ultra-cool, especially the trousers and to be honest with ur figure u can pull anything off :)

    Your blog is great and a real inspiration! I have only just discovered it but count me in as a new reader.
    I have recently started my own lifestyle blog and would be so grateful if you could have a look at it (www.nomadicdiary.com) and let me know what u think (if u like feel free to follow me on bloglovin as well). Keep up the great work xx

  12. WOAH!! LOVE THE PANTS!!!:)

    follow back:) http://tricia-alarilla.blogspot.com

  13. love that shirt!
    Julianna, www.myladybakes.com :)

  14. awesome leggings! They look like so much fun! x

  15. oh wow i'm so excited to discover another fellow sydney blogger! very fun and vibrant prints on your leggings too!
    would you like to follow each other?


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