Saturday, 9 February 2013

Y.E.T - Over The Rainbow

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing individual reviews of each product from my Korea Depart haul. Being the nail addict I am, I immediately tried the nail stickers as they are too cute to resist.
These are 'Easy Funny Nail Sticker' by Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time) and I chose Over The Rainbow although I was contemplating on getting Sunny Day as well.

The product comes in 18 pieces, 9 of them of a different design and size to choose from, and a nail buffer. Look at how incredibly cute and adorable they are!

Like the packaging says - there's no dry time, quick finish, easily use, and unique design. For those of you who have not used nail stickers/wraps before, all you do is choose the size most appropriate for the nail you're applying on and stick it on. Fold the excess sticker down and use the nail buffer to file the sticker off and to the shape of your nail.

Here is the finished look:

Sorry it's a bit blurry. My camera wouldn't focus.

What I dislike about nail stickers is that it's best to apply them when you have long nails so you don't file off half or more of the design. See my middle finger on the left? It's supposed to say 'love' but all you see is 'Lo'! I guess the only great thing about them is the no dry time and unique design but application is a bit of a hassle.

And another note, one of the stickers partly came off the tip of my nail so I thought about using a top coat to seal it even though I know you don't need it. Wrong decision! The sticker ended up being all wrinkly so I definitely regret doing that.

Would I repurchase this again? No. For $5.86 I don't think it's worth it despite it's cuteness and I could've bought another tub of snail cream with some change to spare, haha!

Have you tried nail stickers before and how did you find it?


  1. they look super cute :) i havent tried this ones before but i like using nail stickers so much,cause i kinda suck using normal nail polishes,paint goes everywhere lol :D i find nail stickers so much more easier :)

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    1. I agree they're easier to use and have more amazing designs but I think I'll just stick to normal nail polish haha

  2. These look soo cute! Absolutely amazing! :) I love how they look on your nails too! I really like your blog, and I also really like the name of your blog! :) Definitely going to be a new follower :)
    xx, Siri

    1. Yes, they're so cute! & thank you Siri! :)

  3. They look so cute!x

  4. Aww they are so cute! Have never tried nail stickers before but they look so cool ha! Great post and great blog!

    New follower ;)
    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful

  5. They look like fun!! I have no nails to speak of but I would love to do something like this, how long would they stay on for?

    1. I would say a couple of days - not too sure with these ones. I've tried the Sally Hansen ones and they stuck on pretty well. The only issue would be if they stick on to the tip of your nail after you file it off

  6. Oh those nail stickers are so unique!


  7. aah, they're so cute!

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