Thursday, 28 February 2013

NOTD: Camouflage Colour - Lilac

Wow I feel like I haven't done a nail post in a while!

Last week I received my Lust Have It box which included a nail lacquer as one of the items. As mentioned I would do swatches and show everyone how they look on the nails. To be honest I wasn't quite fond of the shade I received but to my surprise I really like it!

Camouflage Colour nail lacquers are all natural where the main ingredient is silica - derived from sand and horsetail plant. These nail lacquers are supposed to last up to 10 days without chipping and available in 40 shades.

I've read on the LHI Facebook page and a few bloggers that they experienced really gooey and bad formulas from the nail lacquer so I was hoping mine wouldn't be the same. I gave my bottle a good shake before using it and I had no problems with the application!

Artificial lighting, first coat

The first coat went on smoothly but the brush is quite average. The colour is very pigmented but a second coat is needed to even out the colour.

Artificial light, second coat with Seche Vite top coat

The formula is non-streaky and drying time is quite average. Even after the second coat, it was easy to apply and doesn't thicken up.

For those who had problems applying the lacquer, maybe try shaking the bottle a bit more to even out the consistency of the formula. I didn't try it before I shook it though so I'm not 100% sure about it. Overall I love the shade I received even though I underestimated it at first and the formula was alright.


  1. I tried 3 times with the bottle I received and it just didn't work. I read another blog where the nail polish was really thick and the brush was all bent. It sounds to me like the company are a real hit and miss and they need to get their formula perfect.

    I really love the colour of you nail polish and it looks great :o)

    Jac x0x

    1. Wow that's not good! I'm so glad I didn't get a poor bottle as I would have been furious.

    2. LHI sent me a replacement and I picked up another couple of bottles and I think better of them now. I must have just got a end of the line dud or something.

      Your purple look more purple than mine though :o)


  2. Lovely shade. 10 days without chipping would be a miracle for me! x

  3. Nice colour. I have a thing for purple in every shade on nails! haha mine are currently pastel purple. x

  4. Your nail polish is beautiful!

    I hope to have the pleasure to see you on my blog:

    See you soon !


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