Monday, 18 February 2013

A walk down memory lane

Hi lovelies! This post is going to be different from my usual posts but just a little something that made me nostalgic. Last night my boyfriend and I were sharing Youtube links with each other of old school songs back in the 90s or in our primary school days. It really brings back memories of my childhood days where I would wake up early every Saturday morning and stay up watching either the Disney channel, Video Hits or Rage.

I used to be in love with the R&B boy band Blue. Does anyone remember them? My favourite songs were All Rise, One Love, and Fly By. While listening to some of their songs, I'm still surprised I remember the lyrics considering its been over ten years. They're still so sexy!

Listening to them again on Youtube really makes you miss the old days where music used to be more meaningful instead of just repetition, singing about doing drugs and getting drunk, or hitting it up at the club.

And who could forget Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter? You are my fire, the one desire! If you don't agree that music back in the 90s is better than today's mainstream music, I have nothing to say to you...

I used to obsess over Usher when I was in primary school as well. His R&B songs back then are so much better than the songs he produces these days and are more meaningful. I'm not saying that music he makes these days aren't good, but his best ones are the old school R&B songs.

So what about the female artists?

Like Usher, Jennifer Lopez has been around for quite a while and her old songs were the best. She was my favourite female R&B artist as a kid and I think she has a better booty than Kim Kardashian - J.Lo has the original booty!

I didn't know too many girl bands back then since I was more of a fangirl of boy bands but TLC have amazinggg songs. Check out how funky their outfits and make up were back. So gangster hehe

So that's my walk down memory lane! What are some of your favourite old school artists and songs?

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  1. Such great songs! I use to love the Backstreet Boys. I think I still have one of their albums! x

  2. haha oh my gosh I loved Blue too! Too Close was one of my faves.

    Metallic Paws

  3. I looove Blue :c they used to
    be one of my favorite boybands..
    Duncan is so hot haha.. I like
    their song Fly By and Sorry Seems
    To Be The Hardest Word!


  4. Ah the good old days takes me back - happy times thanks for that I'm ur new follower xx follow back x

    H x

  5. I want it thaaaat way! Tell me why? ain't nothing but a heartache? hahah of course I do remember very well!! Could you please consider following each other? I just did a College style guide! Twitter: @shineonbyandrea

  6. I remember these songs! I used to be such a big fan on TLC and Usher!!! Well, I still do listen to his songs! haha

    I am on soompi by the way =)

  7. Pure love babe!;-)

  8. following back :)

  9. Let us all take a moment and just appreciate the Backstreet Boys...okay, i'm good now haha. Lovely blog!

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  10. wow!!


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